is possible to change the particle system in a scene?

  • #1, by pdsMonday, 18. January, 22:07 A month ago
    like the title of the topic, has anybody of you chenged the particle system of a scene using action panel?

    Or i should use a script?
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  • #2, by esmeraldaTuesday, 19. January, 10:36 A month ago
    I don't think you can change the particle system of a scene via actions. I haven't seen an action part that does that.
    Lua should be possible, but as I suck at lua I can't tell you how. In the luadocs there is Scenes.ParticleSystem listed.

    I would assign the particle system to an object (components tab) and a second one to a second object and switch between these objects by activating/deactivating them via a condition or value.

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  • #3, by afrlmeTuesday, 19. January, 12:48 A month ago
    It's actually better to assign them to scene objects as they inherit various properties of the object, which includes the object center (z-index), opacity (I think), & if the object is hidden/shown via a condition or value, then the particle system will also be hidden/shown.

    All in all, you have much better control over the particle system assigned to your scene, though technically it's also possible to tweak it via scripting too.


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