Is it possible to move the images of individual inventory items one by one? (or scroll the inventory through scripting?)

  • #10, by lemonheadTuesday, 23. July 2013, 17:35 7 years ago
    The thing is, when I print IDs of animations I get something like "table: 100C81F8" instead of (0,3). Basically I've successfully got the animation as an object using something like getObject("Game.GameCurrentCharacter.CharacterItems[sword].ObjectAnimation"), but I'm trying to look this object up in the ActiveAnimations table (because it seems I can only change the position of an ActiveAnimation and not a mere Animation), and since names aren't unique, I can't use that for the lookup. So given that I have the animation as an object, is it possible to find that same animation in the ActiveAnimations table using something other than name?


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  • #11, by afrlmeWednesday, 24. July 2013, 00:08 7 years ago
    if an animation is visible on the screen or is preloaded then it is classed as an active animation.

    quick tip: you can also use this method instead of using getObject for everything...

    also for getting id you can add :getId() after certain queries or even :getId().tableId etc...

    I think all animations are listed under animation regardless of active or not - I'm not seeing anything to list them in the data structure - you could append query for each item to see if animation is active with :getBool(VAnimationActive)


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