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  • #1, by basenicSunday, 20. November 2016, 12:29 7 years ago
    i am quite new to visionaire and currently trying the free version of the software.

    Currently i am working on using a single mouse cursor in the demo-game.

    As you can see in the attached screenshots i created an interface "interface_control" and a button "left_click". In the properties i also set "standard command" to "left_click", so the character would move to the object on left clicking.

    In the hotspot-area of the scene i created an "execute command"-action for left_click with an additional "display narration text"-entry.
    I created also a "right click (immediate)"-action with an additonal "display narration text"-entry.

    When i start the game and right-click on the hotspot the character immediatly displays the narration-text and walks afterwards to the object (which is ok. it would be better if he stays and displays the text, but i guess that comes with the "standard command"-option)

    When i left-click on the hotspot the character walks to the object and DOES NOT display the narration-text.

    Can anyone figure out, why that is?

    Thank you in advance and happy sunday,


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  • #2, by sebastianSunday, 20. November 2016, 14:03 7 years ago
    is the object destination point from the clicked area reachable for the character? If he cant reach it he will stop at the waysystem borser and won't continute with speaking. 

    As for walking with R-Click: check your mouse properties in the game options and look at the walk behavioir next to the Right Click option. 

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  • #3, by basenicSunday, 20. November 2016, 16:50 7 years ago
    Hello Sebastian,
    thanks to your message i found the problem:

    I didn't have an object destination point set, because i thought the option "Object walkable" is enough for this purpose. Obviously it just handles that the object is walkable smile

    As soon as i deactivated "Object walkable" and set the object destination point everything was working as expected.

    Best regards.


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  • #4, by esmeraldaSunday, 20. November 2016, 20:23 7 years ago
    In regard to right-clicking: if you want the character to stay put and only display a text (or whatever) - choose: "execute immediatly"

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