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  • #1, by stothewSunday, 09. January, 17:19 9 months ago
    hey, visionaries!

    Since I´m over 5 years around here I have ever Introduced us.
    We are Golden Coin Games a Team of 2 men creating the upcoming Adventure Game:
    "If Fusion Were That Easy"

    And we will Kickstarter soon! So it would be great if you have a look and set a reminder for Project Launch smile

    If Fusion Were That Easy is a humorous 2.5D point-and-click adventure about cold fusion and preventing the apocalypse.
    You take on the role of the young physicist Daniel, who is working on a reactor for cold fusion. But as the project spiraled out of control, a mysterious association emerges that somehow appears to be involved.
    Can you solve the riddle around the cold fusion and this secret organization?
    If you wanna found out, check our Kickstarter Campaign and set your reminder today.

    Also if you have any Questions or Feedback, write us right below.
    And, of course, all other kinds of support and sharing are highly appreciated!

    greetings  Simon

    Twitter: @GoldenCoinGame

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  • #2, by fabian-schurgersTuesday, 11. January, 10:45 9 months ago
    Looks really interesting!

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  • #3, by stothewTuesday, 01. February, 15:07 8 months ago
    Hi there,

    our Kickstarter campaign went live today!
    Check out the new cinematic story trailer, a fully independent demo, fine content, and nice rewards!

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