I need technical advice about the game genre

  • #1, by silasSaturday, 09. September, 12:34 2 weeks ago
    I know Visionaire Studio is an engine for making point and click games, but I've also read that you can make other types of games, strategy, simulation.

    My question is, can I make a game similar to Strange Horticulture, Papers Please? 

    This may be a bit of a dense question to answer, but I really appreciate any opinions or advice.

    Thanks for your help.


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  • #2, by afrlmeSaturday, 09. September, 13:13 2 weeks ago
    I'm not familiar with Strange Horticulture, so I've just had a wee look at the steam page & trailer videos for it.

    I would say aye it should be possible to make games similar to Strange Horticulture & Papers, Please. They are just images/animations for the most part with values & conditions being used to control what is being displayed after all.

    The type of mini-games/puzzles I saw in the trailer of Strange Horticulture would require scripting mind, but then again that's probably true for whichever game engine you might use.

    Anyway, please feel free to join our Discord server if you want to pick the rest of the VS communities brains or have a wee chat @ https://discord.gg/g5zFejW.


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  • #3, by silasSaturday, 09. September, 13:30 2 weeks ago
    Thanks a lot for responding so quickly. Your information is very interesting and matches what I was thinking. 

    I join discord! wink


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