How to pick up an object and put it in my inventory?

  • #1, by Polar4Thursday, 29. August 2013, 11:44 11 years ago
    Hello community, I have another problem:

    Yesterday, I wanted to put my first object in my scene: a lighter my character finds in a drawer of a cupboard in his room.
    So I wanted the drawer to be a portal to another picture where you can see inside it from above, and see the lighter lying within the drawer.
    Because of that, I made another scenery with an open drawer and put the scene object "lighter" in it. I've also set the object area of the lighter.
    Of course, the character shouldn't be seen in this scenery, it should only have the possibility to take the lighter
    (=disappearing in the drawer and appearing in the inventory) by clicking on it... (I have already set another command in my mouse
    configurations - a "take" command by clicking right; when I leftclick on the lighter my character should just say something ("action" command) about it.)
    ...and another possibility should be to leave the drawer by clicking next to it and switch to the room again.
    But nothing within the drawer works.. Although I can get into it by clicking on it when my character is in the room at the beginning, I can't do anything
    within it. I even can't go back into my room again, although I have put the same settings in the drawer picture as I put before in the room to switch to the drawer...
    And of course, I can't do anything with the lighter. Indeed my normally grey arrow gets red(=active) when I put it over the lighter, but when I click left or right,
    nothing happens....
    My only idea is: Maybe visionaire doesn't support scenes where you don't have a character?


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  • #2, by afrlmeThursday, 29. August 2013, 14:03 11 years ago
    it does but when you don't have a character on the scene with a command interface linked to it then you don't have any commands to execute...

    instead you can use the immediate execution commands (left/right click) etc....

    on right click (immediate) add "lighter" to inventory of current character, then remove lighter from scene (maybe fade out lighter image to make it look smoother with "object visibility" action part found under scene) then add short pause (same time as fade) & then change condition of lighter object to hide the lighter image & disable actions for it.


    another thing you can do is to create a character which has no animations (blank character essentially) & assign the command interface to it & change to that character for those scenes & teleport the character into the scene. to get back to previous scene you would need to switch back to original character before calling "change to scene of current character" or you can manually change scene.


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