How to Lock the Camera from scrolling?

  • #1, by DilatedTuesday, 18. August 2015, 08:20 9 years ago
    Hey, surprise, more technical questions for Jacob haha.

    Has anyone have a command for locking and unlocking the camera?

    Basically I have two scenes which are extra tall. Currently I set the camera position via script at the top, then it automatically scrolls down to character. What I need it to do is lock it for a few seconds, THEN continue to scroll back to the character. Currently it does it immediately.

    Currently I have a work around by making an invisible character, then changing to my main character when I want it to scroll to him. Is there a more efficient way to do this?

    Much love for any suggestions <3

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  • #2, by CrossTuesday, 18. August 2015, 08:23 9 years ago
    You could set the scrollspeed to zero and a timer before reseting it.
    game:setValue(VGameScrollSpeed, 0)


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  • #3, by DilatedTuesday, 18. August 2015, 08:33 9 years ago
    Ohhh perfect, that should work nicely grin, Thanks Cross! Will test it out.

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  • #4, by AlexTuesday, 18. August 2015, 11:53 9 years ago
    You could also use the action parts 'Set horizontal scroll area' or 'Set vertical scroll area' to define the scrollable area. The same is accessible via scripting (VSceneScrollableArea). If there is no user interaction you could stop centering the scene on the character, either via action part or scripting (VGameScrollCenterCharacter).

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