how to get a plot

  • #1, by petertermanhansenFriday, 09. September 2022, 11:34 A year ago

    This i s not a technical issue. I have som vaque ideas for a game. But the plot is missing, and I have troubles to get hold on it.
    Can anyone here introduce me to som forums where thees issues can be discussed?



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  • #2, by afrlmeFriday, 09. September 2022, 12:31 A year ago
    Well, you could try out our Discord server & have a conversation with some of the other members of Visionaire Studio, &/or you could google for writing/story forums, etc.


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  • #3, by NigecSaturday, 10. September 2022, 09:57 A year ago
    I was did a contest where you picked a HP Lovecraft idea from his Commonplace book

    We use entry 135 
    "Hideous world superimposed on visible world—gate through—power guides narrator to ancient and forbidden book with directions for access."

    "Hideous world superimposed on visible world—gate through" could be  the bare bones for Stranger Things

    I'm going back to this to try and do something new wink

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