How to change item place.

  • #10, by KilgharrahFriday, 22. April 2016, 13:30 8 years ago
    Ok, i can add display text, but i cant add dialog to walkie-talkie. How add this?

    I have this: WT(interface)->Button_WT(button type i chose 'Action area')-> int the properties i check 'Show action text' and font and i set 'Set area for action text'.

    I added this to my game, I can click to it and do some actions, but how to add dialog to this?
    Dialog must be at every scene, Main_character dialogs is shown questions and answers above character, but answers must be shown in another place on the screen.


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  • #11, by afrlmeFriday, 22. April 2016, 14:02 8 years ago
    Could you mock up a rough image or something of exactly what you are wanting please?

    P.S: action text is nothing to do with dialog. It's the name of the object / button / character, etc that your mouse cursor is currently hovering over.

    For displayed text you have 3 choices (well technically 4 now because you can also display text with the recent Lua draw function that was added to the current public build) & those are found under...

    Character > Display text - which is a character spoken dialog (automatically triggers the talk animation of the relevant character while the text is on screen).

    Miscellaneous > Display narration text - which displays a text anywhere you like on the screen. You can define which font to use & where it should be positioned.

    Miscellaneous > Display object text - displays text on the screen at a position you specify until manually hidden with the hide object text action part.

    The dialog system (where it gives you dialog choices to select) requires you to add the dialog questions to the NPC (non-playable character) that you want to converse with. You have to create the dialog box & icons on your playable characters dialog tab. Personally I hate the dialog system as it's not very flexible, but each to their own.


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