How to break an action ? (resolved)

  • #1, by Vincent MetalloTuesday, 11. July 2017, 20:52 7 years ago

    I'm Vincent from Sköll Studio.

    I'm starting with Visionaire Studio and i got a little problem when i'm trying to stop an action by clicking somewhere else. 

    I want the action to stop when i click somewhere else before the character have reached the destination of the action called but i didn't find any solution.

    I've made a little video to illustrate my problem : 

    Currently, when i click on the cloud and then i click somewhere else, the action stop but when i'm clicking too fast, the text appears... 

    I've tryied a lot of things but currently i have this :


    Can someone help me ?

    I hope my problem is understandable.


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  • #2, by sebastianTuesday, 11. July 2017, 21:54 7 years ago
    It seems that you are planning a single click interface...

    first: your interface needs at least one action which is set as the standard action for the interface. 

    Then at objects / characters /items use
     "executed command on object/character/item (not immediate)" with your standard left click action . It will only execute the action if the character reaches the destination. 

    No need for setting something up in the game mouse properties.

    Also i did a video regarding this a while ago (german):

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  • #3, by Vincent MetalloTuesday, 11. July 2017, 23:13 7 years ago
    Oh god...

    I've spend at least 3 hours on that and it was so easy T.T....

    Thank you so much Sebastian !

    I think i must spend more time to read tutorials.


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  • #4, by sebastianTuesday, 11. July 2017, 23:37 7 years ago
    no problem smile 
    thats why the forum is here

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