History of Visionaire Engine?

  • #1, by LebosteinTuesday, 23. January 2018, 12:06 7 years ago
    Can I found a history or a changelog that I can see which changes were made from version to version? At which times were the releases? In Wikipedia  I found some informations, but I think there is more:

    first mention in Wikipedia: 2004
    3.4  (Juli 2010)
    3.5  (März 2011)
    3.7  (Juli 2012)
    4.0b (April 2014)
    4.0r (April 2014)
    4.2  (2015)

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  • #2, by afrlmeTuesday, 23. January 2018, 14:20 7 years ago
    There was a team wiki which contained a more in-depth changelog between each update, but unfortunately I can't remember the link to the site. Sorry.


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  • #3, by sebastianTuesday, 23. January 2018, 15:17 7 years ago
    there is a changelog in the luadocs . but its not complete for the final version

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  • #4, by AlexTuesday, 23. January 2018, 17:17 7 years ago
    Here is the changelog from our internal wiki. This does not include the most recent versions because Simon updates them separately, you can find them in the luadocs.

    3.4 20.7.2010

        It is now possible to export and import team files to work in parallel on a ved project file.
        Fixed bug with widescreen support: display was not correct on some ATI graphics cards, the setting in Options/Player in the editor was not used correctly.
        Additional command line parameter usetexforwidescreen=true|false and setting UseTextureForWidescreen=Yes|No in config.ini to reactivate the old widescreen support used in Visionaire 3.3 (if set to false/No).
        New option 'Keep directory' in import dialog for speech files.
        Improved editor GUI.
        Lower workspace when editing scenes is now always visible and not hidden anymore if no scene object is selected.
        'Preview' tab for scenes and interfaces to control graphic display is now always visible.
        The last used directory for importing speech files will be saved and reused.
        The list of most recently used action parts will be saved when the editor is closed and loaded on editor startup.
        Show black screen after video is finished (instead of last video frame).
        It is possible to define a certain resolution in config.ini which will be used for the game (only in fullscreen mode).
        Additional parameter logWarning for getObject script command. This avoids that an error is written into the log file in case the object could not be found (siehe http://wiki.visionaire2d.net/index.php?title=GetObject).
        Added new fields VGameCursorHorizontalScrollDistance and VGameCursorVerticalScrollDistance to set the distance of cursor to the screen border where scrolling will be started (see http://wiki.visionaire2d.net/index.php?title=Data_Structure_...).
        Global Lua script variables will be stored in savegames.
        Music volume is now used as volume for videos
        Added Combobox to select object text font in game properties (font used in action part 'Display object text').
        Games4Windows compatibility ( http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee417691(VS.85).aspx ):
            Additional fields for company name and game name. If both fields are specified then the savegames will be saved in the Windows standard folder for local files (company name and game name are used as directory name below the standard folder). This path can be accessed in lua scripts with the variable 'localAppDir'. If the name of the game (.ved or .vis file) is given as a command line parameter then this local directory will also be used for the logfile, config.ini and possible dump files. This allows to run games with limited user rights because no more files are written to the installation directory of the game.
            deactivate sounds when player is not active anymore.
            added manifest to set requestedExecutionLevel.
            make player dpi-aware.
            added product name, company name and version info to exe file.
        New command line parameter 'logfile': this parameter sets the path+filename of the logfile. If this parameter is specified the logfile is created immediately after the exe is started. Otherwise the logfile is created after the game itself was loaded. This makes it possible to see errors which occur already during loading the .ved or .vis file.
        Removed 'temppath' from config.ini and player command line. Temp files are now always written to the standard Windows temp folder.
        Text import of .csv files: .csv files without text delimiter (") are also imported now.
        Improved compatability of exported .csv speech files for better import in some applications (e.g. MS Excel).
        If ShowIdInTextNames=1 is set in [General] settings of viseditor.ini then all texts in text overview also show the internal text id.
        Fixed bug when standard command is a combined command and is used to combine an item with another object (without dragging). If no action is executed a comment is now shown.
        Fixed bug when skipping an 'If' or 'Else' action block which contains a 'Jump to action part' action part.
        Fixed bug for importing speech files: if filename of existing speech file was used and the file extension was different then the filename was not set correctly.
        Fixed speaker text alignment setting (options in combo box were in wrong order), fixed alignment 'centered (position defines left)' for speaker text.
        Fixed bug for multiple animations with same direction (usage of VCharacterAnimIndex).
        Fixed bug when showing action text in rectangle on screen (position was always 0,0 before).
        Fixed bug for selecting animation frame when animation frame time-line is scrolled.
        Fixed bug with deleting animation frames: if an animation frame had additional properties (sound or action) then these properties were not deleted.
        Fixed bug when scrolling vertical to given point. Also fixed possible "jiggle" when scrolling to point.
        Fixed bug with restarting animations after loading a savegame (does not work with savegames from previous version).
        Fixed bug when character is leaving scene vertically (at top or bottom): use character size from scene edge and not 100%.
        Fixed bug of possible flickering scene object when changing visibility of the object.
        Fixed major bug when accessing objects by name in a script which could lead to a crash in certain circumstances.
        Build game (full version): added option if videos should be encrypted.

    3.5 11.3.2011

        Added support for kerning (defined space between certain character pairs of a font).
        Added new action types 'at beginning of scene' and 'at end of scene' for scene actions.
        The cutting rect for images was removed due to performance and implementation reasons. Images will only be used as a whole and must be adjusted if necessary.
        The image size is no longer stored in the .ved file. This has the advantage that it is not necessary to reload the image in the editor if the size has changed.
        Improved performance for image loading.
        Fixed problems for video playback which could lead to memory management problems and crashes.
        Rewrote implementation for preloading of animations. Previously there were memory management problems which could lead to crashes in large games.
        Fixed crash when loading savegames: this crash only occured if an animation was preloaded and not unloaded before the next change to another scene.
        Global Lua variables (tables) will not be stored in savegames if they contain a field called '_temporary_'. Fixed crash when saving game with a lua table with a cyclic reference.
        Fixed bug which could lead to a crash if the scene was changed while an item was dragged.
        Fixed transparency bug: images with transparent color are shown correctly again.
        Fixed bug with widescreen support which could cause problems on some systems.
        Fixed bug in editor which could lead to a crash when Undo was called while an object area was currently edited.
        Fixed bugs with text import of .csv files: file can now contain a byte-order-marker, empty fields are imported correctly, correct import of translation language and last column, texts with escaped characters are now imported correctly.
        Added text context (name of parent objects) to exported texts in .po file as comments.
        Text speed is now considered for  pause tags in texts.
        Fixed interpretation of text speed in 'Set text speed' action part. 200% means that the text is faster, i.e. it is shown for a shorter time while 50% means that the text is slower and shown longer.
        Text speed for 100% was increased because the speed was interpreted way too slow and texts were shown too long.
        If a text contains no pause tag at the end then the pause will be added automatically. If the text has a speech file then the text will be shown until the speech output is finished. If no speech file is played then the length of the pause is calculated automatically from the text length.
        If a scene object contains an action then actions of an active item with 'immediate execution' will not be executed. The character will be sent to the object instead to execute the action of the scene object.
        Fixed setting scene for character through scripting with field VCharacterScene. If the character was on another scene and was set to the current scene it was not shown.
        when 'Align character on immediate execution' is checked, the character is now explicitly stopped before aligning it. Before it could happen that the character was still walking but the wrong walk animations (e.g. opposite direction) was shown.
        The field VGameActionTextFont is now also stored in savegames.
        Fixed bug which could lead to active actions not being executed after loading a savegame.
        If a trace is activated in the console ('SET TRACE ACTION|ANIMATION ON') then the log messages about actions/animations are now shown in the log.
        Setting application icon which is shown in window and task manager.
        When building a game a file report.txt will be created which lists all files for each container.
        Fixed building game: files used in dialog actions are now added to the container. Also speech files of object texts will be included.
        added command line parameter -uld (-uselocaldir) with values true|false to be able to store savegames (and log file etc.) to the special folder CSIDL_APPDATA_FOLDERID_RoamingAppData (The file system directory that serves as a common repository for application-specific data), instead of the local user directory.
        Fixed crash when clicking on rename button in editor while the label of an entry is currently edited.
        Fixed bug in editor when a scene object is selected and the tab is changed to way systems. Previously the lower workspace was not updated correctly.

    3.6 8.8.2011

        Added lua command to register event handlers for 'animationStarted', 'animationStopped', 'textStarted' and 'textStopped' events.
        Added lua command to register hook for 'setTextPosition' hook. With this hook it is possible to change the position of displayed texts in a lua function.
        It is now possible to set the position of a character where actions on this character will be executed. If the position is not set then the current character will be sent directly to the other character, as before.
        Fixed savegame bug for storing global lua variables. When saving again the variables were added to the Visionaire table and thus stored multiple times.
        Fixed bug with image size when displaying object sprites in editor.
        Fixed bug when item was picked up and dropped on a scene object and the character was stopped before reaching the object. In this case the picked up item could not be removed easily anymore.
        Fixed possible crash in editor when selecting a scene area action.
        Fixed bug with displaying savegame screenshot. The screenshots were sometimes not displayed correctly. Further if a savegame was removed and a new savegame was created instead of the old one, the screenshot of the old savegame was shown.
        Fixed display bug when fading to new scene with 'fade to new scene' effect. Semi-transparent areas were not shown correctly.
        Fixed bug when loading a savegame. Previously it could happen that already finished actions were started again when loading a savegame.
        Correctly show action text next to dragged item.
        Improved performance for writing ved-file.
        Fixed possible crash when saving very large ved files (> 100MB).
        Added support for unicode filenames in lua io.open function.
        Added fields VGamePicBufferSize and VGamePreloadedPicBufferSize to set buffer size (in KB) for reserved memory at game startup. This buffer is used for loading images (VGamePreloadedPicBufferSize for all images of preloaded animations, VGamePicBufferSize for all other images) and should be large enough to hold the largest image (either an image of a preloaded animation or any other), otherwise memory must be allocated dynamically which can lead to memory fragmentation and crash the application. E.g. if the largest image of all preloaded animations is 1400x1200 and has an alpha channel then VGamePreloadedPicBufferSize must be set to a value >= 6563 (4 byte per pixel (red,green,blue and alpha channel), 1400 * 1200 * 4 = 6720000, divided by 1024 because unit is KB and not byte, 6720000 / 1024 = 6562.5).
        Added field VGamePreloadPicThreads to set number of threads used for preloading animations. VGamePreloadPicThreads number of buffers with size of VGamePreloadedPicBufferSize will be preallocated.
        Fixed bug in text translation editor: a text can now be translated for a language which was created after the text.
        Fixed bug when loading savegame: the current language was not set correctly.
        Fixed possible crash when displaying object texts.
        Fixed bug when multiple characters were following another character (not all characters were following all the time).
        Fixed selecting transparent color in load graphic dialog.
        Correctly display grayscale png images.
        Fixed access by object path ('getObject' lua command) for objects with a name only containing digits.
        Fixed printing unicode strings (containing non ascii characters) with lua print function.

    3.7 11.7.2012

        Improved loading of ved-files: there is no more limit for the file size (previously the limit was about 100 MB), memory consumption was drastically reduced during loading.
        Added steam support: with the new lua commands 'setSteamStat', 'getSteamStat', 'resetSteamStats', 'setSteamAchievement' and 'getSteamAchievement' it is possible to connect a game to the steam account.
        Fixed getTime() command to return correct time measurement.
        Added 'mouseEvent' for registerEventHandler lua command. This makes it possible to control the mouse wheel.
        Upgraded ffmpeg library: support for VP8 video codec, Ogg Vorbis audio codec and Advanced Substation Alpha (ASS) for subtitles.
        Added support for video subtitles.
        Added fields VGameVideoSubtitleFont, VGameVideoSubtitlePosition, VGameVideoSubtitleLanguage and VGameVideoAudioLanguage. VGameVideoSubtitleFont is the font used for rendering the subtitle text. VGameVideoSubtitlePosition is the position where the subtitle will be displayed (centered horizontally), if not set the subtitle will be shown at the bottom. VGameVideoSubtitleLanguage is the language name to select the subtitle track, if not set no subtitle will be shown.
        Added lua command 'createScreenshot' to save current screenshot to a file and to manually create a screenshot which is used for savegames.
        Improved (VRAM-)memory management, games with HD graphics run much more stable now.
        setTextPosition hook is now also called for speaker texts.
        Added 'getActionText' hook to manually set the currently displayed action text.
        Added setting PicBufferSize in [General] section of viseditor.ini to set size for preallocated buffer for loading images (see GamePicBufferSize in data structure documentation).
        Improved import of csv files for importing texts: csv files exported from OpenOffice can now be handled without manual adaptations.
        Fixed crash when the character is not on the current scene and an item was used on another item.
        Cursor can now be hidden in actions called at start and end of scene.
        Fixed selecting entry in resolution combo box (some resolutions could not be set).
        Fixed scrolling of particle systems: when a particle system is attached to a scene object the particle system is scrolled with the scene (thanks to spacepaw).
        Position of particle system emitter is now set in pixel coordinates (thanks to spacepaw).
        When the current command is changed and an item is currently dragged, the dragged item is not cleared in case the new command also supports dragging of items.
        Fixed update bug in editor: newly created object animations are immediately visible on the scene and can be positioned immediately.
        Added setting in game properties for pixel-effect.

    3.7.1 21.8.2012

        fixed loading old ved files (saved before v3.6).
        fixed updating items when an interface is used by multiple characters.
        new lua command getProperty to return platform/steam initialization status.
        fixed input fields for size of particle system emitter (space emitter), the size is now also given in pixels.
        fixed bug with wrong character speed after loading savegames.
        fixed drawing multiple particle emitters in editor.

    4.0 beta, 31.3.2014

        Editor and Player for Mac OS X.
        Final game can be exported to Windows and Mac OS X.
        Beta support for mobile platforms (iOS, android).
        Drastically optimized performance and memory consumption.
        Editor is now available in Italian (many thanks to Andrea Damico).
        Support for 3d-models for character animations.
        Improved Walk animation: Character movement can be set individually for each walk animation frame. Additional setting if character moves continuously or only on new animation frame.
        Improved character scaling: character size is now stored and processed more accurately (with floating point number instead of integer).
        New performance monitor in player (can be activated with Pos1 key).
        Optimized character walk animations: only start walk animation for new direction if animation is different from currently shown animation (previously the animation was also restarted if the character reached a waypoint).
        Display path and filename of currently selected file when opening file dialog.
        New volume types 'video' and 'global' which can be set with 'change volume' action part.
        Added 'Continue' option for 'Active sounds' combobox in 'Play video' action part.
        Added 'stop dialog' action part to immediately stop currently active dialog.
        New player commands startSound, stopSound, getSoundId, getSoundProperty, setSoundProperty, toggleSoundPause.
        Added 'path' parameter type for lua script commands. The string for a path parameter should contain a 'vispath:' prefix, this ensures that the path will also be found when the game is compiled (e.g. startSound('vispath:sounds/bell.ogg') ).
        Added new field VCharacterSize which stores the current character size.
        Added field VGameSpeechLanguage to set language used for speech output (text display and speech output can thus be in a different language).
        Support multiple event handlers for mainloop and mouse events. Registered event handlers are stored in savegames.
        Select default radio button in dialog for object selection which matches best (i.e. where a parent category can be pre-selected). E.g. when creating a 'call action' action part for a character and opening the dialog to select an action the 'Characters' radio button is preselected as well as the character (in the list below) where the action belongs to.
        Show object animation and image in dialog to select object position/center.
        Increased visibility of selected scene objects in object list when the object is selected through the 'object area' tool (by clicking on the object in the scene).
        Show "preview" in way systems tab to display object images and animations.
        Always update scene animations when animation playback is activated (previously animations where only updated if the mouse was over the scene graphic).
        Dialog to set filter for displayed texts in text list (to filter specific character texts or speaker texts).
        New script editor: includes syntax highlighting, all blocks can be folded/expanded).
        Improved usability of text editor (for texts and scripts). Previously the cursor was reset sometimes and it could happen that changes were lost.
        Stretch text control in 'display text' and 'execute script' action part to use available space.
        Automatically start edit label mode for new list items.
        Added option to automatically create 'Display text' action part when a new action is created.
        Only update graphic panels if editor is active. This saves a lot of system resources when the editor is not active, e.g. when starting the game from the editor.
        Fixed updating action part list when removing if/else-action part.
        Fixed bug when moving animation frame: if the frame had sound or action settings those settings were not moved.
        Fixed bug when building game: same file could be added multiple times to different container files.
        Fixed bug in "load graphic" dialog: only allow one open file dialog.
        Check 'Wait until animation is finished' for 'Play/Hide animation' action part by default.
        Item animation names are set to item name of containing item. This allows access of an active item animation in a script.
        "Onion"-Effect can be toggled in animation editor independent of other tools.
        Added getTextStr method to lua VisionaireObject to return text (string) of text object for given language.
        Added hook function getCharacterAnimationIndex (signature: int func(visobj, int, int) - parameters: character, animationType and direction) to get animation index for current direction of character.
        Added VGameShowBlackScreenAfterVideo field in data structure, if true then black screen will be shown after a video is finished.
        Display full action text when item is picked up (if command or picked up item should not be shown then clear language text for command/conjunction word).
        Group same texts for .po file text export, otherwise PO-Edit complains about duplicate message ids.

    4.0 RC, 10.5.2014

        Added Linux (64 bit) Player.
        Support for TrueTypeFonts.
        Reworked mouse properties tab, added middle click and mouse wheel up/down to general actions in mouse properties and to action execution types.
        Added options to 'Set command' action part to activate standard command or next command.
        Extended  pause tag in texts so a pause value can be specified in case speech output is disabled (e.g. '' waits for 250 milliseconds in case there is no speech output).
        Support for 3d-models in compiled games.
        Show error message if loading game fails because file does not exist.
        Updated error message when load fails due to unexpected error and removed converter call (ved 2.x -> 3.x conversion).
        Show error message if selected platform is not available when building a game.
        Fixed possible problems with displaying savegame screenshots.
        Bug fix: call getActionText hook also for action text displayed in interface.
        Bug fix for Mac Player: set window brightness (gamma) only if it was different from the default value (100).
        Fixed problem with entering text in button conjunction text field.
        Fixed tool in animation studio dialog to set feet center.
        Workaround for bug with radio buttons in hidden tab (e.g. create two scripts, change radio button of one script, switch to first tab, select other script and switch to second tab -> radio button for second script is changed): changed script radio buttons to checkbox, changed interface displacement to dropdown.
        Fixed undo problem for script content.
        Fixed setting active language for text control.
        Fixed crash when parsing csv file for text import.
        Fixed setting action part name when command is changed from show text to other action part with link.
        Fixed path problem for vispath (path parameter for commands) in scripts when compiling a game.
        Fixed validating license key (could fail for certain names): registration info must be entered again for full version.
        Bug fix for compiling game: do not stop exporting speech files (for other languages) of a text if there is a missing speech file.
        Fixed loading image sequence (in animation editor) when images are in same directory as the project file.

    4.0, 2.8.2014

        Shader support for arbitrary visual effects with new lua commands shaderCompile, shaderSetOptions, shaderUniform and startTween. See http://wiki.visionaire-tracker.net/wiki/Shader_(CMS) for more information.
        New lua command startObjectTween to transform data structure values for advanced effects.
        Improved performance and memory usage of lua scripts (replaced liblua with luajit).
        Allow remote debugging of lua scripts.
        Added action part 'Wait until character stops speaking'.
        Stretch action editor in waysystems action area to use available space.
        Re-introduced 'continue music' setting.
        Export narration and object texts in text export (with file per character setting).
        Improved action editor: better performance and no loss of scroll position when adding action part (except for if/else/endif action parts).
        Fixed player crash when selecting dialog part.
        Fixed crash when loading savegames.
        Fixed bug when scrolling inventory items.
        Fixed text-control, slider and tree-control for MacOS Editor.
        Fixed copy&paste in script editor.
        Fixed nearest neighbor interpolation setting.
        Fixed crash when deleting action part.
        Fixed bug when loading 3d model file.
        Fixed initializing action execution types in action editor when action type is changed (e.g. switch from scene to menu).
        Fixed bug in text preview dialog (speech file was not stopped correctly).
        Fixed aligning character to object when executing action and character already stands at object position.
        Fixed TrueType font bug (orientation).
        Fixed bug with text pause: if a text has a  pause and the speech file does not exist, the text was skipped. Now the  pause will be replaced with an automatic  pause.

    4.0.1, 14.8.2014

        New action part 'Move object' to move scene objects. Objects can also be moved in Lua with the field VObjectOffset.
        Added option to align character to scene object in 'align character' action part.
        Added toggle option to 'set condition' action part.
        Use general animation pause for a frame if individual pause of this frame is not set (-1).
        Bug fix: active text can only be skipped with left click.
        Bug fix: don't send character to object with middle/right click.
        Bug fix: texts/object names with special characters were not shown correctly in the editor.
        Bug fix: Background image was not shown in dialog (e.g. position selection) if no image was displayed before.
        Bug fix: activated high dpi support.
        Bug fix: Images with size > 2048 pixels are shown again in Editor.
        Bug fix: re-introduced Windows XP support (removed JIT texture compression).

    4.1, 30.9.2014

        Improved scripting, scripts can be written easier with direct access to fields, e.g. game.GameCurrentCharacter.Position={x=0,y=0}
        Android movie support.
        Added VP9 and H.295 decoders for video playback.
        Support for scaling and rotating objects (VObjectRotation and VObjectScale fields).
        Added keyboard eventhandler for lua.
        Added settings to control character for middle/right click and mouse button hold.
        Setting for ini-file and command line parameter to allow resizing of player window.
        Allow setting line spacing for TrueType fonts.
        Bitmap-Fonts can be referenced and displayed with different color.
        Fixed alignment for TrueType fonts.
        Execute 'call action' and 'execute action' from dialog part if both actions are specified (previously only one action was executed).
        Fixed aligning character to scene object in 'align character' action part.
        Fixed sound cracking under iOS.
        Fixed linux executable, updated linux start bash script.
        Fixed 3d model import files.
        Fixed possible crash on Editor exit.
        Fixed crash with saved object that is not on scene.
        Fixed savegame screenshot when the last scene transition (to the menu screen) was done with fade effect 'Fade to new scene' or 'Shift left/right'.
        Fixed character scaling after cutscene.
        Fixed old v3 savegame screenshots.
        Fixed steam api for Linux.

    4.2, 1.5.2015

        IMPORTANT: renamed Steam lua commands. 'Steam' is replaced with 'GameClient' in steam commands. e.g. getSteamStat command is now called getGameClientStat
        added gog galaxy SDK support: see commands containing 'GameClient'.
        added action parts 'move object to' and 'if character is aligned to'.
        new feature: added complete luasocket callbacks (ltn12, mime and mime.core for http requests).
        updated video and audio libraries.
        new feature: display image (which can be set in game properties) on paused videos.
        new feature: multitouch event handler for mobile (swipe right skips cutscenes and movies).
        new setting: always show interface (also during cutscenes).
        new animation editor tool to set frame displacement.
        show error message if saving project file failed.
        added new script command isPointInsidePolygon.
        new feature: add resolution to getProperty lua command.
        iOS: ready for 1. Februar 2015 (armv7 and arm64 - https://developer.apple.com/news/?id=10202014a)
        improved scene fade performance (uses less resources).
        export duplicate texts as own entries in po export file because texts in one language could have different translations in other language.
        show snoop animations above all scene objects.
        reworked audio and video code to fix different sound and video formats.
        improvement: resize movies bilinear or bicubic (down and upscale) for better quality and performance.
        improvement: read webP faster under ARM.
        enabled picture preloader for faster loading of images.
        fixed ogg vorbis in movies implementation, fixed sound cracking issues.
        fixed setVolume command to set eGlobalVolume.
        fixed 'change character speed' action part: the action part now also works if a character movement was defined for the walk animation.
        fixed pasting dialog parts to other dialog layers than first layer.
        fixed numbering of dialog layers after delete, paste and move up/down.
        fixed bugs with paths containing special characters for lua IO functions.
        fixed compiling game with multiple interfaces.
        bug fix: keep previous scroll position after deleting action part or adding if/end if action part.
        fixed deactivating tool to place graphics (could cause invalid preview data, crashes, etc.).
        fixed crash caused by missing speech file of text.
        fixed deleting speech file.
        bug fix: correctly set automatic pause for text without pause tag at the end.
        bug fix: non ascii chars don't get counted for ttf size.
        bug fix: point tweens didn't get finished.
        fixed dialog options so they can be scrolled correctly.
        execute called action immediately (for new games, keep old behavior for existing games for backward compatibility).
        update screen state before starting fade-out effect (e.g. if cursor was hidden directly before scene change the cursor was seen during fade-out).
        fixed creating savegame-screenshot when using shaders.
        fixed problem with starting game with special (non-ascii) characters in filename.
        fixed steam_api loading for mac and linux and updated to SDK 1.31.
        fixed fonts not showing on mobile and linux.
        fixed startDefaultBrowser command for iOS.
        fixed localResoucesDir path value.
        fixed setWindowBrightness command when called with value > 100.
        fixed possible particle crash.
        bug fix: use brightness if set in config.ini.
        bug fix: cropping of images placed outside of menu scene (rotation).

    Mac only:

        codesign v2 and yosemite support.
        Retina (HiDPI) fix.
        MacAppStore compatibility.
        bug fix: crash with font tooltips.
        bug fix: corrupt scene objects after duplicating/pasting a scene.
        fixed column width for object lists.

    4.2.5, 2.11.2015

        fixed getWindowBrightness command.
        added libcurl for Lua for web requests.
        added support for GOG Galaxy client.
        added Spine support (for characters and scene objects).
        added game controller support (via Lua keyboardHandler).
        data structure tables are now iterable in Lua (e.g. Fonts[0]).
        added zooming functions.
        fixed issues with ttf fonts (space and display issues).
        fixed vsync issues with walking speed (could result in different walking speed of character).
        improvement memory handling (remove keep scene in memory from player).

    5.0 RC1, 24.6.2017

        close buttons
        ifs are now closeable
        fixed object animations crash
        scrollbar: click on the edge works
        text display errors fixed
        fixed getproperty system_language now working
        transparent boxes had wrong color in the player
        text export fixed
        crash if exporting with deleted languages
        crash if exporting without icon
        ActionTextRect not saved
        waysystem in the console doesn't scroll
        3D Characters are now multisampled again in dx11 and gl
        image interpolation in the editor is now chosen by the game settings
        error message if platform data can not be obtained
        view resolution in interfaces helper
        android includes libcurl
        html5 works in chrome

    5.0 RC2, 8.8.2017

        added actionpart: color overlay
        added actionpart: fade sound
        added actionpart: play sound and wait
        added actionpart: if character has item
        added actionpart: if lua (requires a bool return, you can do complex things. e.g. return game.CurrentScene == Scenes.scene0)
        added actionpart: wait for value
        added actionpart: wait for conditions
        tabs and multiple windows (ctrl+t, ctrl+n, and then ctrl+1 - 9, no support for docking out on Mac)
        player: new console gui
        more then 2 conditions possible (changes the scripting, -> http://www.visionaire-studio.com/luadocs/#get-condition-value )
        duplicate/create objects via lua http://www.visionaire-studio.com/luadocs/#duplicate-name
        set animation center via textboxes
        frames timeline scrollable
        webp conversion / scaling is back
        tab zooms the paintbox now
        select animation for waypoint preview
        multiselect waypoints and copy entf
        list for moving and deleting animation frames
        merge waysystem polygons
        set music fade time
        show object text set font in action part
        change lightmap with fade time
        veb is now merge compatible
        fixed crash with merging
        fixed merging order for lists
        change order now works in team files
        crash with empty return in shader code
        emitter loops not saved
        spine updates immediately on changing animation
        spine animation can be mirrored
        overlay can be closed by clicking anywhere
        scrolling overlap hidden (emitters)
        scripteditor performance
        fixed esc key skips video and cutscene
        wav support for 8bit, 24bit and 32bit
        fixed delete while labeledit deletes the entry
        fixed action part selector display issues
        fixed translations not working
        fixed crash with action part overlay
        remove animation sprites if mirroring
        loading image in game settings
        dialog line break fix
        get character text position now always correct
        compatibility with non-utf8 usernames in windows

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  • #5, by EinzelkämpferFriday, 26. January 2018, 10:57 7 years ago
    There was a team wiki which contained a more in-depth changelog between each update, but unfortunately I can't remember the link to the site. Sorry.

    This page probably: http://twiki.visionaire2d.net/index.php?title=Build_Changes


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  • #6, by afrlmeFriday, 26. January 2018, 15:03 7 years ago
    There was a team wiki which contained a more in-depth changelog between each update, but unfortunately I can't remember the link to the site. Sorry.

    This page probably: http://twiki.visionaire2d.net/index.php?title=Build_Changes
    Aye, that's the one. Cheers. smile

    I had it bookmarked on my laptop, but it seems I didn't copy all of my bookmarks over to my current pc.


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