Hide cursor - At the beginning of scene - Not working with fade in

  • #1, by paraboleeMonday, 14. September 2015, 19:11 9 years ago
    For some reason the "Hide Cursor" function does not work for me when also using "fade in" as the method to switch scenes. If my character is set to walk to a location at the beginning of a scene I can not hide the cursor before the character reaches the location?!

    I searched and found this that claimed it was fixed (4 years ago) -


    But it still fails for me. Anyone know a fix? Thanks!!


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  • #2, by afrlmeMonday, 14. September 2015, 19:45 9 years ago
    try adding a pause action with a value of the global scene transition value declared in the game tab of your project, as the first action in your at begin of scene action. There's no reason to actually perform any actions until the scene has faded in... wink


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  • #3, by paraboleeTuesday, 15. September 2015, 17:09 9 years ago
    That doesn't work as it needs the pause to be 500 millisecond so have the desired effect which add a noticeable pause in the character actions.

    My work around is to insert the "hide cursor" function in the action in the scene before that calls the scene change. And a condition that makes sure it only triggers at the appropriate time. This works perfectly, but I do believe this is a bug that is hopefully fixed (and it appears that it already was once).



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