Hi everybody! A little question about Visionaire and 3D...

  • #10, by giovannaTuesday, 15. August 2017, 12:41 7 years ago
    *Update on the scaling problem:

    I've managed to fix the scaling problem by exporting the MakeHuman 3D model in meters. Besides, inside Visionaire I've set a 40% scaling factor in the "Properties"tab and a 130% scaling factor in the "Outfit" tab.
    Now everything is alright (hopefully grin )

    About asking Simon for 3D geometry file: how's the procedure for suggestions? Do I have to create a topic in "Wishes & Ideas?" or can I directly send a PM to Simon?


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  • #11, by afrlmeTuesday, 15. August 2017, 13:56 7 years ago
    Probably best to create a thread in wishes & ideas or even in general. Doesn't really matter as they all end up showing up on the default forum board - not sure anyone has bothered with the categories since the forum got a makeover as they are so easy to miss.

    Or you can join our Discord server & ping him on there, but I recommend creating a thread on here.


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