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  • #1, by nebirviMonday, 13. December 2021, 15:32 10 months ago
    I’m the creator behind the Bookworms project. ( You can see later updates through instagram @bookwormsgame ) My name is Nellie Johansson and I’m headhunting for a programmer. I’ve previously worked at Zoink, done character art and 2D animation on the Journey Down franchise, freelanced as an illustrator 5+ years and have had several game projects of my own, where I’ve practiced my skills.

    2015 I went deeper with such a project, Bookworms and decided to work towards getting it released. Back and forth I’ve been returning to work on this beside other activities. 2018 I suffered a major burnout from my workplace at that time and had to put most of my activities including the project on the shelf, until this year when I started picking it up again. Even though my passion for this project is so big, and my vision is clear, I need more people to achieve that vision and save my energy in areas that take too much of me.
    My own areas of expertise are character art/ animation/ design and storytelling. But I lack the patience and deeper understanding of the art of programming/scripting and often find myself overwhelmed and thereby lose my momentum every time I hit a programming “challenge” even when I get past it.

    I’ve been building the demo myself so far. It has taken a lot of time and energy, and I would like your help to finish it so that there can be a kickstarter and/or something similar to be able to actually pay for a small team (2-3 ppl probably). Joining the project at this stage would include some bug fixing, cleanup/refactoring, adding puzzles, functions etc. Most assets are all there for you to implement already.

    I’ll be looking for you who have experience with point and click’s, visionaire’s latest releases and have some project to show me your skill. I’m located inSweden, and therefore I have to insist that you can make yourself understood in English and would be ok with meetups through zoom or discord etc.

    Until the kickstarter (or other means of funding) I will not have the ability to pay for any services, but hope to find other passionate developers who are interested in joining a project pro bono and hopefully grow into a team who can actually make this happen.
    Send me a PM if you are interested! And I will tell you more.

    Have a nice day! - Nellie


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  • #2, by afrlmeMonday, 13. December 2021, 16:55 10 months ago
    A'llo, unfortunately I personally don't do pro bono/royalty based projects anymore.

    Anyway, if you still need some help after the kickstarter/once you have funding feel free to look me up @ https://afrl.me. I have provided freelance support (scripting, development, & debugging) for a lot of games made with Visionaire Studio over the years (not all of them are mentioned on my portfolio page).

    In regards to the VS discord server, you can find it here, if you aren't already on it. You might be able to find some people on there willing to help out pro bono or at least in exchange for credit to pad out their portfolio; but no promises as most of them are also working on their own games/projects.



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