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  • #1, by markus-creativeWednesday, 24. January 2018, 19:12 7 years ago
    Hello everybody!

    My game has classic controls and an inventory like Maniac Mansion, meaning the command  and the inventory are on the bottom of the screen. One item in the inventory is a piece of paper. When you look at this item a fullscreen close-up should be displayed. You can look at this item on every scene.

    My idea was to create another scene/menu with the close-up graphics and switch to that scene/menu. This is easy to do and works.

    But when switching back to the previous scene, I have a problem. Visionaire Studio(4.2.5) only allows me to select a scene from the list of scene. In both 'Show scene/menu' and or 'Change scene' I have the list of scenes. But this doesn't help. I want to switch back to the previous scene, because you can always look at the item on every screen and the close-up should be displayed and then switch back to that very scene.

    How can I manage this? Do I have to do it in Lua? Since I'm a Lua Noob I have no idea how.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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  • #2, by sebastianWednesday, 24. January 2018, 19:17 7 years ago
    Try the action part "change to scene of character" and select "current character"

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  • #3, by markus-creativeWednesday, 24. January 2018, 19:36 7 years ago
    @ sebastian

    It works.  I must have been blind not to see this. smile



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