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  • #1, by jacks-richteringTuesday, 22. August 2023, 21:18 8 months ago
    Hello, I have a problem with the font output. Visionaire Studio is new to me and I'm working through a lot of tutorials right now. In the videos I watch, the cursor labels (walk to or use) are always displayed right next to the cursor. Also object names are close to the objects. For me this is always displayed on the right side, although I have my settings as in the tutorials... Dialogue text is always given at the top scene. Could anyone help me, please?


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  • #2, by afrlmeWednesday, 23. August 2023, 01:20 8 months ago
    A'llo, by default display texts are displayed at the top of the canvas belonging to the currently displayed sprite of the character. If you haven't cropped your characters animation backgrounds then the engine will force them up to the top of the screen if there's no room - you can however manually position texts via scripting, but that's irrelevant as if you aren't cropping your images & animations like I suspect then it's bad optimization on your part in various ways.

    As for the mouse cursor... again, I think it's the same issue. I'm guessing you haven't cropped those either as the action text when assigned to be displayed next to the cursor will display by default to the right of the cursor canvas - it can be manually repositioned via scripting, but again, that's irrelevant.

    Seeing as I'm here, I'll also explain scenes & interfaces to you as well in regards to the background images assigned to them...
    • When you assign a background image to a scene the width & height of it will automatically determine the width & height of the scene. If the width &/or height is larger than the default game resolution you have specified in the game properties section of the editor, then the scene will automatically become a scrollable type scene.
    • Assigning a background to an interface will automatically determine the interface area based on the width & height of the image; unless you manually draw in the interface area yourself. Anything in the scene below the interface area will not be detectable by the mouse cursor, which means you can't interact with it, so cropping the image used for the interface or manually drawing in the interface area is really important.

    Anyway, it's 1:20 am ish now, so I'm going to log out for the night & chill for the rest of the night.

    P.S: I would highly recommend joining our discord server as you will be able to get help a lot faster/easier on there (most of us are in the EU timezone mind).


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  • #3, by jacks-richteringWednesday, 23. August 2023, 10:19 8 months ago
    Hello, thank you very much for your answer. I implemented it directly and now everything is displayed as it should. So far I've always made all objects in 1920x1080 format, which makes sense with the font, why it doesn't work then. This is all very new to me. Thanks also for the discord chanel smile


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