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  • #1, by Simon_ASATuesday, 17. June 2014, 16:39 10 years ago
    Hi! I was playing with the export options with the demo of my game. I read the wiki and followed the instructions:


    Download the platform target you would like to build for.
    Copy the downloaded player into the "platform" directory of your Visionaire Editor installation.
    Use build game in the Editor (full version only) and select the specific platform target you would like to build.

    So I downloaded the Mac player, extracted the files in the "platform" folder, checked the "Mac" option in the export settings. But when I click on Build, it keeps telling me that I have no player for Mac.

    I checked several times, the files for the Mac Player are all in the Platform folder.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Visionaire Studio 4\
    |___Visionaire Player.app

    And so on...

    What did I miss ? I have Windows 8 x64. The game development started with VS 3 and I am using VS 4 now.

    Edit: Same problem with Linux

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  • #2, by abhoriaSaturday, 05. September 2015, 12:53 9 years ago
    Hi did the above ever get resolved?
    I appear to have the same issue with windows export.
    I have placed the downloaded windows player folder into "platform" and it just says there is no player.
    Any help would be appreciated.


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  • #3, by joemidSaturday, 05. September 2015, 22:00 9 years ago
    I had issues with this awhile ago, and read on the forums here (somewhere, can't find it now) that the best "rule" at the moment was to use the version of the VS editor that you are exporting to- AKA export games for MAC on MAC, WIN on WIN, LIN on LIN. This seemed to become an issue after VS4- but I could be mistaken. I have stuck by this myself and haven't had a problem with test builds. If this is still the case, or not, I don't know.


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  • #4, by anthonyirwin82Sunday, 06. September 2015, 07:21 9 years ago
    Do not extract the files copy the zip files into the platform directory as downloaded and it will work.

    Directory Structure:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Visionaire Studio 4\

    Download link for player files: http://wiki.visionaire-tracker.net/wiki/Player_FAQ


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  • #5, by abhoriaSunday, 06. September 2015, 23:16 9 years ago
    Fantastic. Windows version works now. What I hadn't seen was that my mac was automatically extracting the zip on download.


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