Error message kernel32.dll

  • #10, by chris.2314Friday, 06. March 2015, 21:55 7 years ago

    This will not/does not fix the error!

    Use Dependency Walker to see the problem.
    it has 18 missing including the FlushProcessWriteBuffers error.

    some possibly useful info:

    See my newer post for fix for xp users (wrong openal32.dll in game folder)


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  • #11, by chris.2314Friday, 06. March 2015, 23:04 7 years ago
    Dose the winxp computer need to be rebooted after installing vcredist-up4 ?

    This might explain why it doesn't fix the FlushProcessWriteBuffers error.

    English link for the vcredist update4:


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  • #12, by chris.2314Friday, 06. March 2015, 23:27 7 years ago

    I got the game working on WinXP by renaming openal32.dll to openal32.dl.bak.

    I noticed two files in the game folder:
    msvcr110.dll and openal32.dll .
    So i thought they might be causing a problem on winxp smile

    I already had openal32.dll in system32 folder
    This is the version u need:

    v2.70 creative labs.


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  • #13, by Simon_ASASaturday, 07. March 2015, 10:45 7 years ago
    Thanks chris! Can you tell us more about this openal32.dll file?

    Great Poster

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  • #14, by chris.2314Monday, 09. March 2015, 22:13 7 years ago
    Not sure what u mean .
    The uploaded link i posted contains :oalinst.exe

    It's a well known installer that is needed for a lot of games to run.
    As far as i know the version 2.70 by creative labs is the most recent.
    I'm tested this on winxp with a HD5450 AMD Card.

    I'm not a programmer/coder or anything like that smile
    I just discovered the game worked ok after allowing the game to access the openal32.dll in system32 folder.(OpenAL32.dll 106kb)(digital signature creative labs. november 2009)


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