Erasing all frames in an animation

  • #1, by BarneyTuesday, 26. November 2013, 22:14 11 years ago
    Hi! Is there an easy way to delete all frames in an animation? I have animations which last for hundreds of frames, and every time I decide to redraw a couple of them here and there (which. naturally, requires me to load all frames anew), I am left with two options: either delete the whole animation and create a new one (but that messes up the scripts where this animation is called), or manually delete all the frames, which means CLICKCLICKCLICKCLICK on the "-" button. It would be awesome to just have an option like "erase all", or at least to be able to press and hold, say, Del button instead of having to click repeatedly. Sadly, right now, Del erases the animation, not the frames in it.


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  • #2, by esmeraldaWednesday, 27. November 2013, 10:42 11 years ago
    Hi! As far as I know, there is now way to delete all frame in one go. But if you redraw some of your frames but keep the name of the file, you don't have to load them all anew. The engine stays linked to the filename i.e. the new picture.

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  • #3, by AlexWednesday, 27. November 2013, 12:43 11 years ago
    you could open the the ved file in a text editor, search for your animation
    <Animation name="animation name" ...
    and delete all entries between
    <AnimationSprites> and

    but be very careful when manually modifying the ved file! (and don't forget to make backups of your ved, which you should do anyway)

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