drawing rooms and lanscapes

  • #1, by jetsetwillyThursday, 22. January 2015, 18:26 9 years ago
    ok i have my caracters created , now i try to draw rooms and outside landscape it's difficult to make something good , i use affinity designer and pixelmator...
    is somewhere on the net tutorials or techniques to achieve that? what for softwares are you using ? how do you make your animations?


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  • #2, by jetsetwillyThursday, 22. January 2015, 18:29 9 years ago
    it's better to work with vector or pixels in this case?


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  • #3, by jetsetwillyThursday, 22. January 2015, 18:30 9 years ago
    my style is old school i don't want to use 3D software, juste drawing


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  • #4, by afrlmeThursday, 22. January 2015, 19:15 9 years ago
    There is an edit button you know!

    I don't think it really matters what you are making your graphics or animations with. Everyone has their own preference to how they make their graphics - hell some of us (me) don't make our own graphics at all & rely on other people to make graphics for us.

    Visionaire has no support for vector image formats but it doesn't matter if you work in vector as long as you export the final image in png or webp format. I suppose vector is good for design reasons though as you will be able to scale up/down inside of your art program as required should you decide to create remake with a larger default resolution or in case you need a specific graphic / animation at different sizes.

    In regards to animations, again this would up to you. You could hand draw / paint everything to paper, scan into computer, open up image in a graphics program & draw over the top of it. You could animate in something like adobe flash or create sprite parts & animate in programs like spine, spriter & anime studio pro etc.

    I'm just theorizing possible ideas - on account of me not being an artist & all that! wink

    P.S: additional thought in regards to rooms... If you have a camera then you could photograph some room / building interiors to use as base point for perspective & drawing guide. Also there's sketchup which can be useful for designing interior rooms & there's loads of software available for interior design & so on.


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  • #5, by ke4Thursday, 22. January 2015, 19:41 9 years ago

    that's really up to, whatever suits you.

    I'm using Adobe Flash ( Vector ) for backgrounds and animations too, i personally like vector and having everything in one software, but if you want to make something more complex, you would probably need work with bitmap graphics as vector is limitled, you can't use there for example brushes like in photoshop.
    unfortunately there aren't many tutorials for that, but check this video it's speedart in Photoshop for "The next beginning" game. It's crazy! razz


    anyway even if vectors are limitled, you can make it really cool stuff with that, i saw someone paint mona lisa in windows paint and it looks like original.

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  • #6, by RadicaaThursday, 22. January 2015, 19:42 9 years ago
    I think my artist said that vectors are easier to create landscapes with, but that they look "balls". smile Well, his taste aside, I think the point is that vectors are good for creating landscapes fast whereas drawing in pixels is more tedious but you can get a lot more detail and emotion into it. But I'm not an artist either so smile


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  • #7, by blablo_101Sunday, 01. February 2015, 13:15 9 years ago
    I have preference for vector characters and pixel background. Vector it's so easy for animations and expressions. But for the landscapes... I dont't know... vector are too perfect and required hard work in the details.

    I like to work with photosop in the backgrounds. In 2 days I can have a nice background. If I do the same in vectors, I can work two weeks and never be happy with the result. But I work with illustrator, I think Flash is easier.


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  • #8, by andiliddellMonday, 02. February 2015, 01:30 9 years ago
    For backgrounds, I sometimes start with google sketchup!

    Sounds daft but to get the perspective, layout, and "feel" of a space it sometimes helps to mock it up in 3D first.

    That means I can then choose a "real" camera angle that suits the angle of my character sprites, and even move interesting items into the edges of the shot.

    From here I can then output a basic line render and take it into something like flash and go from there.
    I tend to hand draw over all the lines as it gives it a looser feel, and start by blocking everything out in grey scale, to give a little sense of the solid edges in a room.

    My time-lapse video below shows the next stage which is going from my grey scale base artwork to a fully coloured, lit and detailed background. I prefer to work in flash because of the options that vector artwork gives you and it means all my assets are in one place.

    If you watch in in 1080p you can see that although its all vector artwork, you can get those textures, smudges and blurs that look like Photoshop work. Now and again I use photoshop on the exported png's if I need some special texture work on-top, but its rare these days.


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  • #9, by LebosteinMonday, 02. February 2015, 11:40 9 years ago
    Adobe Flash is very expensive. 500 - 600 € or 24 $ monthly if you choosing the Adobe Cloud option. That is a very costly investment. There is a free alternative called Inkscape, it is also fully vector and layer based. You can get the same results, but Inkscape is difficult to handle in some cases.


    Just today a new main version is released:

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  • #10, by jetsetwillyThursday, 12. February 2015, 00:09 9 years ago
    my first attempt in vectors design

    any comment is welcome, floor is hard to do because i m using affinity designer and there's no perspective grid, i must go to pixel mator for 3D distortion fx


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  • #11, by jetsetwillyThursday, 12. February 2015, 00:17 9 years ago
    good or bad?


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