Displayed Text tag for current object?

  • #1, by propapandaSunday, 17. March 2019, 16:23 5 years ago

    I'm currently setting up comment sets for my main character and I'd like him to reference the object the action is running on. So instead of always saying "I can't open that" it would be nicer to have him to say "I can't open a door/box/bed/whathaveyou". 

    I've tried obvious things like <o> and <object> to no avail and couldn't find anything regarding this in the wiki or forum. Is there any way to achieve this?



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  • #2, by afrlmeSunday, 17. March 2019, 17:13 5 years ago
    There are no built in tokens for that. What you could do is create a value, & store the current object/saved object inside of the string section of the value. On mouse over (or on click) what you would do is create an execute a script action part & then add something like this to it...

    Values["example"].String = game.CurrentObject:getName()

    Now inside of the display text you can reference the string part of the value...

    I can't open the <vs=example>.

    replace "example" with the actual name of the value you have created - also take into account that names are case sensitive.


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  • #3, by propapandaMonday, 18. March 2019, 19:21 5 years ago
    Thanks, that works.


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