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  • #1, by gustySaturday, 21. December 2013, 19:40 11 years ago
    Just thinking - translating object names, character's dialogs etc. to another language is very easy - you just rewrite your text. But what about graphics? I'm mean images.. Well I have a lot of ingame letters, diaries, street signs etc. to translate and only way I figured out is changing conditions of visibility - manually for each object. But is there some quicker way? It would be so comfy if you could in object's properties switch between languages and upload different images same way as you can do it with regular text.. man that would be so perfect... smile

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  • #2, by SimonSSaturday, 21. December 2013, 19:56 11 years ago
    Use one condition for every language, for example "language_english" that is applied to every english text layer. So you can just set this to true and all english objects are showing.

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  • #3, by afrlmeSaturday, 21. December 2013, 22:31 11 years ago
    that would depend on what the object is for... for instance the resume game might only want to be visible if game has already been started or an autosave exists etc.

    @gusty: sounds like a nice idea wink


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