Crashes on macOS when using snoop animations

  • #1, by mfnalexMonday, 07. November, 20:12 3 weeks ago
    Hi everyone,

    my game frequently crashes when using snoop animations. I use the space key to "fade in" snoop animations with a delay of 0ms, and fade them out on "space released" with a delay of 3000ms.

    When I now repeatedly press space, it always crashes (not immediately, but like on the third or fourth key press) with the following crash report:

    The messages.log is empty (except for the usual startup stuff, of course)

    I just checked, and it also happens with a fade in and out delay of 0ms, but then I have to spam the space bar like 30 times. I'll attach a video to show it ->


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  • #2, by afrlmeMonday, 07. November, 20:25 3 weeks ago
    Do you have the log level set to "info"? The log doesn't print much information unless you do.

    Key pressed actions work like the turbo function on some game controllers & the actions linked to the key will continuously loop while the key is pressed down. I would recommend adding a duration to the fade in too & 3000ms seems like a long time for a fade out. I'd just use something like 100-250ms for both fade in & out.


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  • #3, by mfnalexMonday, 07. November, 20:27 3 weeks ago
    Yes, it's set to info. It doesn't print anything, it just crashes.

    I am using 3000ms for fade out so that players can just hit space once and then see the "interactable objects" for the next 3 seconds.

    But as said, it also crashes when using a delay of 0 (as shown in the video I linked in my edit)

    Here's the messages.log:

    20:10:05.495:Engine Version: (Build 1232 from Build date: Aug 16 2022)
    20:10:05.495:Time needed for preloading game: 133 msec
    20:10:05.495:No config.ini in /Users/mfnalex/Library/Application Support/JEFF Media GbR/Pippen-Remake//config.ini
    20:10:05.533:Initializing graphics interface. Surface size: 640x480, render size: 640x480
    20:10:05.545:Serialization finished. Needed time: 3 ms
    20:10:05.545:SetupParents finished. Needed time: 0 ms
    20:10:05.545:SortLinks finished. Needed time: 0 ms
    20:10:05.545:Interfaces loaded. Needed time: 0 ms
    20:10:05.546:alwaysAllowSkipText = true
    20:10:05.546:Scripts loaded. Needed time: 1 ms
    20:10:05.546:Time needed for loading game: 51 msec


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  • #4, by mfnalexMonday, 07. November, 20:31 3 weeks ago
    I can actually even make it crash without spamming space bar. I have set both delays to 0, and just keep holding down space (instead of spamming it). It also crashes after a few seconds:


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