Crash on renaming object (bug?)

  • #10, by XerilonSaturday, 21. May 2016, 16:23 5 years ago
    Weird enough it crashes just the same. I made a new project with a new folder too. It seems stable as long as I don't click on anything, but that is rather useless :p

    I also installed the 4.0 version and that crashed too, so now I have three running versions with the same crash problem. I suspect my hardware, but I don't know...


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  • #11, by afrlmeSaturday, 21. May 2016, 16:45 5 years ago
    Sounds hardware related. Ah nvidia card. Sometimes VS doesn't like them for some reason, but most people don't seem to have an issue, just the odd few.

    Sorry, not really sure what to suggest other than wait for Simon or David to reply to this thread. Or as I already mentioned, you could send the dmp file if VS allowed you to create one when it crashes to either of them & they'll probably get back to you ASAP - SimonS is still your best bet for fastest response.

    * edit: the crashing thing only occurred for me too, whenever I clicked on anything. Might manage to click 2 or 3 times & then it would crash. I didn't get a report / debug window afterwards though. I wonder if it's a recent update on windows or maybe some other app that's causing conflict issues, because it started crashing randomly last week for me & that's about all I know. All the versions always worked more or less fine up until last week.


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  • #12, by XerilonSaturday, 21. May 2016, 17:20 5 years ago
    Yeah, we are the odd few smile

    I did get a dmp file. The only one I found in the folder was from an old 3 version according to Simon S.

    Typically I just bought the Nvidia card to get faster GPU rendering in Blender as I use it to create animation and graphics for this project. I've started on an FMV game with only 3d graphics, and need tons of frames :p


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