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  • #1, by shicoMonday, 26. February 2018, 10:55 6 years ago
    Hi all,

    While checking the "Read/Write Config.ini" script by AFRLme the other day, I noticed a "color blind mode" option in the script. That made me re-think some of my color choices in my game, especially in one of the puzzles that I created which relied on picking the right color of a shape.

    Thought I would bring this up here if someone had a similar concept for puzzles in their game or just want to consider tweaking colors/adding colorblind mode option to make it more convenient for color blind players to play the game.

    While researching the subject to see which colors work best I came across these tools that can help you with the design process.

    There is an option in Photoshop and Gimp to simulate color blind mode:

    - In Photoshop:  View -> Proof setup -> Color blindness (pick one of the modes)

    - In Gimp:  View -> Display Filters -> Color Deficient Vision -> select type in the drop-down menu. 

    There is also an open source simulator called "Color Oracle" for windows, mac and linux. 

    Basically, once you run it you will get an icon in your notification area in the taskbar that you can click anytime to choose a color blind filter to simulate how a color blind person would see the design. The only downside is that when you click anywhere to carry on working it switches off.

    Something extra: 

    Just wanted to share this in case it slipped someones mind (Like me!) and want to make sure your game is visualy clear to all players. 

    Hope you find it helpful. 

    Best of luck with your projects!


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  • #2, by constantinMonday, 26. February 2018, 11:18 6 years ago
    As a color blind (red green) person i appreciate this smile 

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  • #3, by shicoMonday, 26. February 2018, 12:32 6 years ago
    Glad to hear! will try my best to keep it color blind friendly smile  


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  • #4, by dionousMonday, 26. February 2018, 20:37 6 years ago
    Nice info indeed!

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  • #5, by sebastianMonday, 26. February 2018, 22:40 6 years ago
    Nice info.

    Now all my green and floral background now look brown :O
    I guess i made the best color choices for my game since the invention of yellow.

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  • #6, by shicoTuesday, 27. February 2018, 19:09 6 years ago
    @Sebastian yeah same here, on first test looks like I applied a sepia filter on everything (looks nice though smile ). 

    In the specific puzzle I mentioned, it would have been hard (but possible) for a color blind player to solve it with the current choice of shapes colors. So working on changing it now.

    From what I found at the subset games forum where they did colorblind color-swap test for their FTL game, seems that Orange/Blue is one good combination to use. 

    Quoted from ianhamilton_ comment in that forum:
    Red/green colourblind: orange looks brown, blue looks blue

    Blue/yellow colourblind: orange looks red, blue looks blue


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