• #1, by red363Monday, 05. June, 09:35 3 months ago

    Tell me, please, is there any way to dynamically track collisions if a character's sprite intersects with an object's or another character's sprite? Any trick, for example, to create a circle around the sprite of the object with a given radius, or to attach an action area to it?

    Considering that this object moves around the scene


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  • #2, by afrlmeTuesday, 06. June, 00:08 3 months ago
    You can check if something is in a specific radius of something else. Here's a radius function I shared ages ago - it's for checking if mouse cursor is within a specific radius, but it can be edited for other things; however, I think I shared a radius script on the VS discord a little while back that covered additional things.

    There's also a function called isPointInsidePolygon, but I don't know how taxing it would be on the engine to loop that function - especially on something as complex as a character with multiple animation frames & dynamically generated interaction polygons. I'm also not sure if you can actually access the polygon table for characters.


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