Closed-circuit cameras effect

  • #1, by AndresFriday, 26. June 2020, 04:25 4 years ago
    I hope you´re doing well.

    I want to create like a Closed-circuit cameras effect. I want my character check a Closed-circuit cameras and see 20 second of a different room (see an animation), then switch to another (do some interaction there), then return to the same position that we was.
    Is that possible to do?

    Thanks a lot smile


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  • #2, by TinTinFriday, 26. June 2020, 07:22 4 years ago
    Hi Andres

    For Closed-circuit cameras effect, you can use shader toolkit and choose TV2 or TV4.
    For other actions make counter.

    I think you want make another "five nights at Freddy's" game smile

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  • #3, by MachtnixFriday, 26. June 2020, 13:26 4 years ago
    What is a close-circuit camera? DeepL says "geschlossener Kreislauf", but what means that for cameras?

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  • #4, by AndresFriday, 26. June 2020, 23:04 4 years ago
    Thanks! I'm already using tv2 ??

    I want to switch to a different room for 1 min and then return to the previous room. The idea is that the main character looks a screen and it shows another room.  Is there an easy way to do this? 


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