Character will not walk - Stays in same location

  • #1, by darren-beckettMonday, 25. September 2017, 23:15 6 years ago

    Since updating to v5.02, none of my characters can move, they just walk on the spot.

    I've tried recreating the way system, but it makes no difference.

    Any ideas?

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  • #2, by wimfMonday, 25. September 2017, 23:37 6 years ago
    Hi darren
    Yes, I had the same problem with the update
    Simon had given me the solution smile
    he explains it very well here:

    (solution to post #63)

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  • #3, by sebastianTuesday, 26. September 2017, 08:11 6 years ago
    before you do that you should check if you have the walk animation setup correctly. When you open the footstep symbol in the walking animation you should see a line connected by squares representing each frame. Each frame/square should be ordered so that the character moves when you click the play button ti preview it.

    On my old project all these squares were on the same spot. So movement was = 0.

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  • #4, by darren-beckettTuesday, 26. September 2017, 14:54 6 years ago
    Thanks wimf, my charcater is now walking again - But, she is walking very fast now.

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  • #5, by afrlmeTuesday, 26. September 2017, 20:41 6 years ago
    Thanks wimf, my charcater is now walking again - But, she is walking very fast now.
    I'm not sure about sliding walk system, but the update on new frame walking system now uses absolute pixels which means if you set 40 pixels between each frames that the character will travel 40 pixels in between each frame when the character size is 100% exact. It should in theory move 20 pixels per frame if the character scale is 50%, etc.


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  • #6, by wimfTuesday, 26. September 2017, 21:41 6 years ago
    You're welcome Darren

    Yes AFRLme. For me, before the update, the walking speed of my character is "80".

    Now, for it to run at the same speed as before, I had to put "35"

    Thank for you help

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