Change image of inventory item

  • #1, by constantinMonday, 17. July 2017, 14:34 7 years ago
    I have read quite some hours about this problem, but maybe the new version offers a better solution. 
    i want to change the image of the inventory item as soon as it gets clicked in the inventory with an empty image. (i use a command-cursor instead of a dragged item, because it suits the game better.) removing the item and adding a new (empty) one is not possible, because it doesnt get the same position. (new items seem to always be added at the last position.) 
    is there a way to change to change the image? i have read about the activeanimation command with lua, but how can i control the animation? the inventory-item-animations dont show up in the "play animation" action parts.
    thanks for any advise. :-) 

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