can someone help me building to Android?

  • #10, by darren-beckettMonday, 12. June 2017, 14:06 3 years ago
    I'm also having trouble with building for android. 

    I have the jarsigner & zipalign set correctly, but when the output window opens, it starts to do something and then closes out of Visionaire with no message.

    Where is the log output saved?

    Note: The build has output stuff to the tmp directory but nothing gets created in the build folder

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  • #11, by darren-beckettMonday, 12. June 2017, 22:45 3 years ago
    Hi guys,

    I managed to get Android building at home, But there are a couple of issues...

    Android Issues:
    1) libcurl does not work (curl is null) - No errors in the log - Samsung Galaxy S6 (Android v7.0)

    2) Exiting the App does not fully close the game (Same as previous builds on vis4.2), you get a black screen. Re-clicking the icon causes the App to crash.

    Build help for others:
    When searching for Jarsigner.exe (Java bin directory) and Zipalign.exe (Android SDK\Build-tools) you will need to change the file type dropdown to show all files, because *.jarsigner.exe & *.zipalign.exe will never find the files required

    Thanks Simon 
    Opening a webpage works great using startDefaultBrowser

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