Call to arms -particle effects and V-sync

  • #1, by MateuszSunday, 21. June 2020, 05:42 4 years ago
    OK, particle effects work as fast, as monitor refresh rate works (and - as capable GPU is). And it sucks. In our upcoming game I have scenes built entirely around particle effects (rain, mist and so on)  and my gpu is pushing more than 200+ frames on them. And it looks... just bad.
    So ultimately - particles in VS are broken. Like, really, really broken.

    Yes, you can visit the nvidia control panel and set "limit framerate to..." (if you have that option available - we discovered that it isn't accessible on all nvidia equipped systems). When it isn't there, you can always click "enable v-sync" - which seems like a solution. A long as you don't have a monitor with 144 Hz refresh rate...

    We are looking for a person who can write a VS compatibile script that WILL LOCK particle effects at 60 fps (no matter what - that's a boundary we decided we cannot cross. Screw monitor refresh rates and so on).

    If you can do that - it's a paid commission. Please contact us at

    One thing though - we will pay for your custom script, but since it's a crucial thing - WE WILL SHARE IT with the community. You can dictate a price, you can demand an "in-script" credit, but you cannot deny a redistribution.


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  • #2, by NigecMonday, 22. June 2020, 10:21 4 years ago
    Visionaire is now 64bit on Windows so that's going to help in general with more Ram available
    Sorry I can't help with the problem, hopefully someone can 

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  • #3, by SimonSMonday, 22. June 2020, 10:49 4 years ago
    That's a part of the engine. You only needed to talk to me and I fix it. In the course of the week I'll probably make another bugfix update, then it should be fixed.

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  • #4, by MateuszTuesday, 23. June 2020, 00:28 4 years ago
    Thank you, Simon, looking forward for this then. Best regards.


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  • #5, by chrisgTuesday, 23. June 2020, 00:34 4 years ago
    Oh this is great - i had just noticed that I got quite different looking effects on two different screens, will also eagerly await this feature - thanks Simon smile


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