Bug with waypoints in low resolution?

  • #1, by fulviovSunday, 16. June 2019, 03:46 5 years ago
    I am currently working with a monkey-island style minimap, and I having an issue where my character walks off the allowed path after a while.
    this happens when someone clicks several times around the same location, and also sporadically, but when it happens the only way around it is to reset.
    I am adding a video showing the problem (the character should not be allowed to walk on top of the houses at 0:27) and also the project itself.

    Thanks in advance to anyone that might be able to figure out what is going on smile

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  • #2, by NigecMonday, 17. June 2019, 14:29 5 years ago
    I'd go less way points, instead of three points between junctions points, I'd do one in the middle.
    I think its so tight in places VS can't decide were to go

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  • #3, by afrlmeTuesday, 18. June 2019, 13:47 5 years ago
    I've watched the video but not checked the files. technically it would be possible to counter it without resetting. create some action areas on the bits the character can't walk on, listen for character enters, create an execute a script action part, do some queries to check characters x/y position or alignment to determine which side they entered from, move them back to relevant position in the way border based on that. not super elegant but would solve the issue of having to reset if someone ends up breaking the game that way.

    As Nige said, it's probably too many way points &/or due to having way border lines too close together, or overlapping.


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  • #4, by MainframeTuesday, 18. June 2019, 14:05 5 years ago
    I've just tried moving some of the wayborders around the problem junction, and I haven't managed to be able to get the character outside of them since altering it. It might just be a case of experimenting with the border point positioning until the bug no longer occurs.

    I had a similar problem on my game's map (albeit not as complex as yours), which is how I resolved it.

    Good luck.


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  • #5, by NigecWednesday, 19. June 2019, 11:42 5 years ago
    totally unrelated but my daughter was looking at Durham uni Mainframe .. she currently at Middlesbrough

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