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  • #1, by pdsFriday, 19. August, 15:28 A month ago
    hello there,
    i was looking the game "dude, where is my beer?" (made with visionaire)

    and i noticed that characters have a box that change based on length of string, here below some example:

    Now i wondering, how is possible to achieve that kind of result?does each single character have a different image portrait or something like that?


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  • #2, by afrlmeFriday, 19. August, 15:42 A month ago
    I meant the forum section on our discord server. grin

    Sebastian's Speech Bubble Script: English tutorial

    Sebastian's Speech Bubble Script: German tutorial

    I don't know if there's resource files available on those tutorials. I believe Esmeralda has the fixed version of the script, but you could also ping arik on our discord server & ask if he'd be willing to share the script with you.

    In regards to how it works. It uses something called 9rect, which is an image chopped up into sections & then tiled. The code Sebastian wrote calculates the length & height of all the text & then tiles the image sections to fit around the text.


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