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  • #1, by ivan-parketovSunday, 13. December 2020, 15:19 A month ago
    Hello, I want to block mouse clicks while a specific action is in progress. Can I do it and how?

    And one more question. I am making the game at a higher resolution than my laptop. So when I launch the game, it is larger than my screen, is there a full screen button so that the game runs at the edges of the screen from the start?


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  • #2, by afrlmeSunday, 13. December 2020, 16:04 A month ago
    A'llo, to prevent the player from being able to interact with the game you can wrap the action blocks with cutscene wrappers. There are 2 different types of cutscene wrappers, & they are the begin/end cutscene action parts & the hide/show cursor action parts. Begin/end cutscene wrappers can be skipped with the ESC (escape) key, whereas hide/show cursor completely disables all interaction, so make sure you use the relevant wrapper for each situation.

    Here's an example of how your action block might look:

    begin cutscene

    send character "current character" to position 100, 500 and wait

    display text "blah blah blah!"

    end cutscene

    There is actually a couple other methods for disabling interaction that can be achieved via an interface or via scripting, but I'll not go into those.

    As for your question about fullscreen, sure you can make it run in fullscreen mode when you play the game via the Visionaire Studio editor - your exported game however will be controlled via a config.ini file. Anyway, to make the game run fullscreen while running it via VS, click on the menu button on the top left of Visionaire Studio > extras section > options, then click on the player tab of the box that should have just opened up & enable the fullscreen & activate support for widescreen displays options.


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  • #3, by ivan-parketovSunday, 13. December 2020, 16:14 A month ago
    Thank you!


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