Better Encryption or 3rd Party

  • #1, by brut69Sunday, 06. July 2014, 13:21 10 years ago
    I recently discovered that a project that I did was decrypted using the .vis file and I am really dissapointed.

    Is there a way to change/enhance the encryption?

    Can anyone recommend a 3rd party on doing that?

    I am not talking that they just got the scripts using a hex editor ! No! They actually got the actual content as background images and characters.

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  • #2, by afrlmeSunday, 06. July 2014, 15:01 10 years ago
    I think someone will always manage to find ways to crack & extract encrypted files eventually, no matter what. -- check out all the crazy shit this guy has written cracks & extraction scripts for, including unreal engine & tell tale games etc.

    There also used to be a simple extraction tool called "unwhisper" (I think) which was exclusively for extracting resources from .vis files but I don't think it extracted the .ved file, just the resources that were embedded into the main data.vis file.

    If you copyright your files, scripts, resources, game etc... then anyone who extracts them & uses the files without permission, could face legal charges I suppose if you found out about it.


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  • #3, by ikarusSunday, 06. July 2014, 18:32 10 years ago
    Piracy has no limits. Very depressing...


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  • #4, by SimonSSunday, 06. July 2014, 22:20 10 years ago
    You know, for the guys who write these tools, it's more a kind of sport. They test their skills in extracting these files. The question is what you want to have safe. If you concerned about your image files, I think they will always be extracted, every game I know has an extractor. They just the plain pngs (with little encryption but that doesn't matter) put into an archive.
    You know Unity games can also be completely decompiled. There is no complete protection.
    If there are many guys that want the files to be safer, we can change the encryption, but until now every change has been decrypted, but we can do things to make the results less valuable, for examble by removing the file names.

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  • #5, by brut69Monday, 07. July 2014, 09:00 10 years ago
    Idea : How about each compiler having his own encryption key? Since the people who buy the Visionaire are checked through your process, the extra ( I realize this is a hassle) modification on the builder will make it impossible to process by a 3rd person.

    What worries me the most is that all my work could be hijacked and republished by someone else as his own work (not as much as that they are extracting the images but that what they might do with them)

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  • #6, by SimonSMonday, 07. July 2014, 10:29 10 years ago
    You know, everything you're encrypting your files with has to be undone at runtime. There is the problem. The encryption has to be delievered in your application to be usable. And that is easy to reconstruct and would by the way make us a lot of work. I'm already thinking about possible changes and as we are already taking longer for that ...

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  • #7, by NigecMonday, 07. July 2014, 12:09 10 years ago
    I guess you could manually build each game you sell with a unique ID, if this version suddenly re appears you'd know who had the original
    you could make an installer that ping's a server
    Its a shame its not Python a client is very easy

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  • #8, by GreenLightDevelopmentMonday, 07. July 2014, 13:01 10 years ago
    I think, any type of "Copyprotection" is a worthless investion of time and money. Talented Hackers and Crackers will crack it in no time. I mean, big companies trying to protect their software, with a hord of coders and a big financial background. And... their games got cracked/hacked anyway. Imo the Dev-Team should work on more important stuff, then filecrypting...

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  • #9, by brut69Tuesday, 08. July 2014, 16:28 10 years ago
    GreenLight is right in the sense that someway someone will decrypt it BUT that doesn't mean that we can let it as it is.
    If a game can be decrypted by everyone then the most likely course of events is for Visionarie game developers to switch to a more secure option (which is something that we want to avoid since we love Visionaire)

    So IMO the dev-team should prioritize this.

    A simple change in the code could mean that they will have to review everything again and again making it if not uncrackable but at least annoying. Most the these "crackers" anyway once they are done with a project they get bored after they publish their work , so it is unlikely they will keep doing it over and over again.

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  • #10, by KisaiSaturday, 12. July 2014, 08:44 10 years ago
    IMO brut69, you're barking up the wrong tree.

    Visionaire would need to change how files are stored (proprietary file formats with encryption) which add overhead which is not affordable on mobile devices. This is also why Unity is so easy to decompile/extract things from, as the all the textures stored on mobile devices are essentially straight OpenGLES compressed texture formats.

    There is no "fixing" it. In deciding on what game engine to use for some projects that are in planning stages my requirements favor multiplatform over anything else, and absolutely no "packaged game engine software" out there can't be reverse engineered. The game engines have to take "hackers, modders, bad-faith translators, and cheaters" into this kind of consideration from day 1, and that's generally not a priority for single-player games. Multiplayer and MMO games even fail to take this into consideration as well, and the end result is the destruction of their revenue stream as people quit playing because the cheats/mods/hacks ruin the ability to play the game with others.

    Anyway. The developers of Visionaire could do something more clever, like using Image atlases (to take advantage of GPU features) so at the very least, reassembling the original image is more manual effort than what is currently done.

    If you're worried about games being pirated, release on the PC/Windows platform last. If you're more worried about assets being extracted, well people are capable of screen capturing losslessly and lossless video capture, and there are ways of redirecting OpenGL,DirectX calls to capture the actual changes made to video memory, so just consider this a lost cause. If someone is desperate enough to extract the game assets, they will.

    As a final note, encryption of the assets requires releasing new asset patch files, which consume more disk space, or re-releasing all the assets repackaged with new encryption which would put off players re-installing the game if they have to download 1-4GB for trivial changes.


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  • #11, by brut69Tuesday, 19. August 2014, 14:15 10 years ago
    Has V4.1 done any changes/fixes on this issue?

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