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  • #1, by merlinxWednesday, 19. June 2019, 18:37 5 years ago
    I just installed the free version of Visionaire Studio 5, and started a tutorial to learn the software.  Halfway in, I had to leave the tutorial, so I saved my work. When I came back and loaded my VED file, I  could not see the scene I had been working on.  Anyone know why? Or how to make it visible?

    (I understand you can only make 10 rooms with the free version, but this was the first scene I created.)


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  • #2, by afrlmeWednesday, 19. June 2019, 18:43 5 years ago
    Are you sure you definitely saved it? Check the folder where you created the project & see if there is a .bak file. rename the file & remove the .bak bit from the filename to change it into a ved.

    .bak are backup files that get created every so often - I'm not sure if they get created when you save your project or every x time passed while the ved is open.


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  • #3, by merlinxWednesday, 19. June 2019, 19:57 5 years ago
    Wow, thanks for your quick reply!

    Your advice to "Check the folder..." made me realize that in my haste yesterday, I had somehow saved the ved file in a different location than my graphics files. So I moved it to the correct folder, and now everything works.  Feeling pretty stupid right now.

    Anyway thanks again!


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