Background resolution too large?

  • #10, by pfazSunday, 26. June 2016, 17:55 8 years ago
    Thank you Sebastian.204 and AFRLme for your feedback.

    @Sebastian.204: I was interested in knowing whether (apart the restrictions you pointed out) there was a difference in the code version between the free and the for sale version of the editor.

    In order to (hopefully) reduce the load and the processing I have decreased my game resolution down to 1280x720. So my 4x scene is now 5120x720 png (I gather Visionaire has been thought for 3x scenes tops, but I did fancied to have an effect similar to sam and max game while they are walking on a sidewalk).

    - I generated a 5120x720 transparent png
    - I chopped my background image in 16 tiles (640x360 each)
    I started placing the tiles and after placing 4 of them I tried to save my work. An unhandled exception was raised and then a popup "Saving ved file..." appeared; but it got stuck after a couple of seconds (the green progressing bar was very little) and after killing the process the work done was lost.

    So I think I am going to change my plans now, by subdividing my 4x scene in two 2x's, as you seem to advise. I guess it is no longer advised using the tiling for 2x backgrounds, is it right? (I mean I can just load the 2x images as different scenes)?



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  • #11, by afrlmeSunday, 26. June 2016, 18:33 8 years ago
    Both paid version of VS & the evaluation version are exactly the same, except from what has already been specified. 10x scene limit & no export options for the evaluation version.

    In regards to the crashing, it's either to do with your gpu or it's a wxWidget related issue. The latter being the cause of most crashes, which will hopefully be rectified once the new GUI editor is released as they are doing away with wxWidgets in favor of a custom framework.

    I don't see an issue with splitting the scene into multiple scenes. I was actually going to suggest trying that next. Other games do that for large scenes, unless for some reason they need the entire scene to be displayed (maybe for a cinematic cut-scene / video or something).


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