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  • #1, by SharikuFriday, 20. December 2013, 15:58 11 years ago
    Get the feeling this is going to be incredibly obvious but i can't seem to do it and was wondering if anyone could help.

    I'm trying to set an automatic action to occur. I've got a scenario set so that when two conditions involving dropping items will cause a third event to automatically happen once the person leaves the room (basically, two objects get dropped that cause an explosion once you leave the room). I've got the combined conditions set in place and confirmed they're working using a manual action but i want the action to occur without player input once they've moved to the other room.

    Is there an action option i can use for this, or is there something else?


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  • #2, by SharikuFriday, 20. December 2013, 16:11 11 years ago
    Sort of worked around it. I've set the explosion to go off along with leaving the room under the right conditions and got the result i wanted.

    Still wondering though. Are there automatic actions like i described?


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  • #3, by afrlmeFriday, 20. December 2013, 17:55 11 years ago
    in the object action area for the scene exit just set the condition/value or call the action that triggers the event if x condition/values are met inside of an if query... else just change scene normally.

    all of this sort of stuff is done with if queries, conditions, values & action areas etc.

    the only way to have actions automatically start other actions is to run if queries inside of loops... either inside of the editor via "jump to action part" or via lua script inside of a main/Loop handler.


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