Assign different path systems for different persons

  • #1, by thomas-fringsMonday, 28. November 2022, 21:47 2 months ago
    Ist es möglich, dass verschiedene Weg Systeme in einer Kulisse für eine andere Person gilt? Vor allem zum gleichen Zeitpunkt.

    Zum Beispiel: In einer Kulisse befindet sich Person A und Person B. Für Person A gilt das Weg System 1 und für Person B gilt das Weg System 2.

    Is it possible that different way systems in a scene apply to a different person? Especially at the same time.

    For example: In a scene there is person A and person B. For person A the way system "1" is assigned and for person B the way system "2" is assigned .


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  • #2, by esmeraldaTuesday, 29. November 2022, 14:26 2 months ago
    You can switch waysystems, but there can only be one waysystem active at a time. 

    But you can draw multiple wayborders in one waysystem.

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  • #3, by thomas-fringsWednesday, 30. November 2022, 09:33 2 months ago
    Thank you for your message. 
    I'm building an isometric game with the engine and already using multiple wayborders in a way system.

    I thought that I can limit the way system for certain characters. 
    Then I will have to rebuild the scene. :-)


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