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  • #10, by ke4Wednesday, 12. August 2015, 19:02 8 years ago
    To be honest, for me is even that 100€ a lot ( and that's price without the server as i understood ) I don't mind paying that, but i don't have it.
    So i just prefer Google Docs instead because it really works just fine for me.

    What Lee said, because he's probably the nicest guy ever it sounded like that it was rather meant for us to me.

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  • #11, by afrlmeWednesday, 12. August 2015, 19:43 8 years ago
    I'm no saint when it comes to actually paying for certain applications. Adobe products for example are really expensive either way you look at them; full license per product you need or the cost mounting up each month / year with the subscription option.

    Hell I've been using the trial version of Sublime for over a year now, but I will probably purchase it at some point providing Atom (githubs own text editor) doesn't surpass Sublime - as it's not that far off from being perfect, but Sublime still has some features which keep me using it.

    Double hell (hell) I haven't actually ever purchased Visionaire Studio either. Wasn't that long after I signed up that I sort of joined the VS team as English support - yes I know the wiki is lacking, but I'm still really busy, but I try to keep up with the questions on the forum. I'm currently on vacation & I'm still replying to peoples questions & threads.

    In regards to the alternatives: they are more for use in combination as opposed to using a single alternative. i.e: you could combine an online planning service such as google docs / asana / wunderlist etc. with one of the flow chart tools such as: yEd or Mindmaple (I switched over to the free version of mindmaple a while ago, but I don't use that now either since I bought Articy).


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  • #12, by sebastianSaturday, 19. September 2015, 17:07 8 years ago
    I also found "OmniGraffle" lately, but its not free.
    I will give yEd a try. Seems to be good for puzzle dependency charts

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  • #13, by JoelTuesday, 22. September 2015, 10:15 8 years ago
    I just use XMind which has a free Version and Scrivener as well as Google Docs for Design Stuff wink

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