Animation laggy at first?

  • #10, by foremmaThursday, 24. July 2014, 02:25 7 years ago
    update: it works fine in visionaire 3.6


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  • #11, by afrlmeThursday, 24. July 2014, 03:03 7 years ago
    you mean 3.7?

    Strange... 4.0 has actually had an overhaul so it requires much less memory & processing power to run your games... everything should actually load quicker with 4.0.

    If you send me the resource files I can export a .exe version for you if you like for testing? Sendspace or dropbox whatever & send me the link via pm. Only if you want to though.


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  • #12, by foremmaThursday, 24. July 2014, 05:02 7 years ago
    Yeah it only lags a little bit in 3.6 and I can play hundreds of frames, vs a ridiculous lag for 12 frames. And nope mine is actually 3.6, that's what the desktop icon says anyway, lol

    How do I send you the resource files/what are the resource files? And i would test it or you would?


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  • #13, by SimonSThursday, 24. July 2014, 10:28 7 years ago
    It's actually an illusion, the animations are not preloaded as they are in the old version, so the game will take longer to load, but the animation won't lag. The current version loads frame by fame because there were some issues with the preloader, so if your pc can't take that at real time it will lag. Have only seen that on mobile devices until now, maybe use a format that is quicker to load like webp.

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