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  • #1, by F_KalWednesday, 22. February 2017, 22:12 7 years ago
    Over the years I've come across a few interesting insightful videos and articles about how various artists approach certain things. I find looking into their work/thought process very inspiring. And while originality is important, learning is equally important.

    Thanks to the recent discussion on the Animating? thread that got into details of animating approaches, I thought I should start this thread where we could each post interesting tidbits/videos on adventure game-making topics that we come across (or practice ourselves like the interesting development) for our mutual benefit (and posterity)! Things such as making of background art, character design, Animation, Sound Design, music, Game Design etc

    I'm starting with a couple by Daedalic:

    And of course
    Feel free to add yours!

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  • #2, by bonesThursday, 23. February 2017, 07:26 7 years ago
    Must-see development documentary of Double Fine's Broken Age:

    Extremely informative, and fun to watch.


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  • #3, by ke4Thursday, 23. February 2017, 11:40 7 years ago
    For me very inspiring video which shows what can be done with parallax effect. Made from static images.

    Great video focused on color theory.

    Coloring a background from adventure game: The next big thing

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  • #4, by ArtNovaFriday, 24. February 2017, 17:09 7 years ago
    If its about inspiration - I love 'World Builder' short film so much. I think, every 3d/2d artist have to see it:


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