A question about display text reposition

  • #10, by andiliddellTuesday, 08. July 2014, 01:38 9 years ago
    can you unregister this hook function once you're done using it?

    I have some character custom animations with a different registration point and size so the text is out of position for a small time, which i would like to fix with this, but then stop listening for the hook once im done, and go back to the default above the head position.

    It would be a really great addition (and pretty simple i imagine) if they could add a "define text position" dialog for display text by character when you don't want the default over head position?

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  • #11, by andiliddellTuesday, 08. July 2014, 12:53 9 years ago
    Ive got this kinda sorted but have come across another issue:

    Im using:
    text:setValue(VTextPosition, {x= game:getPoint(VGameWindowResolution).x/2, y=200})

    To position the text in the centre of the screen. The problme is if this is a scene with a horizontal scrolling area, i.e its wider than the gamewindowresolution, its easy for the player to be too far at one side of the screen and not see the text.

    Is there a simple LUa command to get the registration point of a character? rather than the top left bounds? All i want to do is position the display text above the character, whne using a custom animation that is wider than he original character talk sprites.

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  • #12, by marvelFriday, 11. December 2015, 14:58 7 years ago
    I tried this script today. It's working so far, but I want to show a interface behind the specific text. Does anyone have a solution for this? smile

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  • #13, by afrlmeFriday, 11. December 2015, 22:48 7 years ago
    Fixed text position or just to display interface wherever the text is? You got a mock-up example?


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