5.1.1 1208 Bugfix update released

  • #1, by SimonSSaturday, 04. July 2020, 16:42 4 years ago

    - crashes with lua movie
    - cursor hidden if command has no cursor set
    - random crashes with lua
    - crash if webp conversion is enabled
    - particles too fast on higher refresh rates
    - csv import leaves comma at the end of the sound file
    - windows export misses dll
    - spine animations scrolling too fast
    - spine animations missing in build
    - console font not visible in linux
    - goto messages.log not working

    - animations can be added while animation is selected in character tab
    - characters animations reopen in character tab
    - workspaces keep their layout for the session

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  • #2, by simon_thomsonSaturday, 04. July 2020, 19:20 4 years ago
    Vielen Dank für das Update u.a. zum fix mit dem swscaledll Problem
    Voller Vorfreude hab ich das ganze nun geupdated und ohne irgendwas weiteres probiert und nun kommt dieser Fehler roll

    liebe grüße smile


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  • #3, by SimonSSaturday, 04. July 2020, 19:43 4 years ago
    Ich hab das setup nochmal ausgetauscht, einfach nochmal runter laden, dann sollte es gehen. Ansonsten manuell die avutil kopieren.

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  • #4, by MateuszSaturday, 04. July 2020, 19:55 4 years ago
    Thank you, Simon, will start testing ASAP.


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  • #5, by MachtnixSaturday, 04. July 2020, 20:04 4 years ago
    Im Download-Bereich steht immer noch R5 "Testversion" von 2017. Es wäre hilfreich, wenn der aktuelle Link irgendwo stehen könnte. 

    In the download area you can still find R5 "test version" 2017. It would be helpful if the current link could be found somewhere. 

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  • #6, by SimonSSaturday, 04. July 2020, 20:51 4 years ago
    Da ist immer die aktuellste Testversion hinterlegt.

    Die Vollversion ist bei Lizenzen.

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  • #7, by afrlmeSaturday, 04. July 2020, 22:06 4 years ago
    cheers mate. smile


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  • #8, by MachtnixSaturday, 04. July 2020, 22:12 4 years ago
    Thanks, I forgot.

    Danke, ich vergaß.

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  • #9, by kapa-raaveSunday, 05. July 2020, 00:45 4 years ago
    Splendid! Thank you Simon!


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  • #10, by brut69Sunday, 05. July 2020, 12:31 4 years ago
    Small problems that I noticed on previous version too , on the Preview Tab.
    If you select a Scene and click Preview Tab and then select ANOTHER scene , the Preview Tab will keep the names of the previous tab while still affecting the current Tab

    On the Webp conversion some layers (object order) seem to change.

    And a general question

    Do the savefiles work for all versions? For example , would a PC safefile work if Load on a MAC? (Btw , where are the MAC Safe files stored anyway?)

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  • #11, by NigecSunday, 05. July 2020, 14:19 4 years ago
    Save files from another OS should work, I've had Windows to Linux, but I think you need the exact same version of the game the save file was saved with, I don't have a Mac
    I've been given saved game files to test fixed scenes

    I don't know f you are doing Linux but the save path is /home/username/.local/share/company name or /home/username/.local/share/VisionaireStudio/gamename

    If you can launch the game in the mac terminal it looks for a config.ini in the folder you need to look in wink

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