4.2.5 Mac transitions

  • #1, by paedtThursday, 24. December 2015, 03:02 9 years ago
    Hi all,

    Just checking in -- I've installed the latest version for Mac, and notice that the scene transitions are still not working (i.e. they all just default to fading to black). Is this problem unique problem to me, or is this expected? And, if expected, is there any word on when (if?) this will be working? As is, I've been unable to upgrade from version 4.1, which is becoming a bit unworkable on modern systems.



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  • #2, by fulviovThursday, 24. December 2015, 05:01 9 years ago
    Just tried this - they all work apart to "fade to new scene", "shift right" and "shift left".
    The tunnel animation and the other fade effects are ok.

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  • #3, by paedtThursday, 24. December 2015, 19:10 9 years ago
    Yep, those happen to be the three that I'm using throughout my project, worse luck... I wonder what continues to cause this?


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  • #4, by SimonSMonday, 28. December 2015, 23:46 9 years ago
    This is currently a known issue, but only on Mac and iOS.

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