3D/2D rigged characters in Visionaire: giving up

  • #10, by sebastianSaturday, 04. August 2018, 09:11 6 years ago
    regarding to camera zooms and positioning for different areas:

    VS has a builtin plugin system where you could create some new Actions which could handle that. 

    As VS is build i doubt that the top-to-bottom order to create cutscenes will change, but all in all you can handle similar stuff like Doublefine did in their cutscene editor.

    Lipsync will be done automatically for your current speaking character as far as a lipsync file is available (.tsv). 
    Doing gestures while talking may need tweeking of these files as AFRLme already mentioned. 

    Parallax stuff alreaey works and zooming with the shader toolkit can do a lot of stuff,too. Also for these functions you could probably create a plugin to make new actions which control the lua part and the user just selects either characters /objects/coordinates and a zoom level in that action... 

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  • #11, by NigecSaturday, 04. August 2018, 09:14 6 years ago
    I don't know if it would hekp any but Godot have an improved dae exporter for Blender

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  • #12, by SimonSSaturday, 04. August 2018, 11:57 6 years ago
    I checked the blender file and tried it out a little, it would definitly not work without a lot of changes. I had to disable culling + depthtest, which seems like it would not be general solution for 3d characters. So better stop trying around with that. I have not yet decided if I add a 2d mode or build an own editor ^^

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  • #13, by bonesSunday, 05. August 2018, 00:32 6 years ago
    Thank you Simon. That's what I thought. After some additional testing last night I decided to call it a day.  A 2d cut-out character/item editor would be nice indeed - something like Godot's editor (check out the latest 3.1 builds as an example: includes a nice graph editor).

    I'd love to see an "animate anything" timeline in Visionaire such as that one.  Anyway, thanks for looking into this.

    @nigec Been there, tried that. The Godot exporter creates Collada files which just won't work with the current model import library.

    It's often frustratingly difficult to get an export/import pipeline working properly without any issues.


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  • #14, by NigecSunday, 05. August 2018, 12:25 6 years ago
    It seemed a plan lol
    I've not tried for a long time,  even with Wintermute and Dage it was a lottery unless you used 3D Studio Max, then you find out they also used a different plugin to export

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