3D in Visionaire V4

  • #10, by mOflMonday, 07. April 2014, 22:48 8 years ago
    @Hasuak: The *.3ds format only supports key-frame animation, which Assimp (and thus VS) does not. Assimp will only read the first frame of the file. Since key-frame animation is baked and therefore rather unflexible, newer file formats only support bone animation. If you already have your animated model in 3ds Max, you can try to export it to Collada *.dae, DirectX *.x or MD5. I used both Maya and Blender to export animated models to *.x, but I don't remember if this was with shipped or third-party exporters. I also tested *.md5 with some publicly available models.


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  • #11, by AkcayKaraazmakSaturday, 13. September 2014, 17:42 7 years ago
    Can anyone suggest export plugin or export parameters for exporting models from 3ds max to visionaire? What ever I do, if I export character without material then chracter with animations works fine in visionaire, but if I also include the material and also textures, when ever I run the game, it sometimes open and sometimes closes the game window after 1-2 seconds.

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  • #12, by NigecMonday, 15. September 2014, 12:10 7 years ago
    With Wintermute they use this one for Max
    But its 3D Max 12 no idea if it'll work with anything newer

    little bit more info exporting...
    3DS Max Objects: all checked except Flip normals, Optimized mesh set to "Optimized"
    Animation: check Matrix, 3DS Max ticks and frame rate set to 24.
    Texture & .fx files: by your consideration, I'm using basic settings.
    X File Settings: depend on editor features, but I used basic settings.

    they also recommend Fragmotion

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  • #13, by SteveDayMonday, 15. September 2014, 23:37 7 years ago
    The collada format defines an up-axis tag that is set correctly by blender. your importer just needs to use it. ;-)


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