[SOLVED] Inventory issue

  • #20, by afrlmeFriday, 10. October 2014, 14:16 6 years ago
    What do you mean where?

    You've assigned the wrong execution type & you should leave the item dropdown empty. What you currently have set in that tab is:

    if command 'arrow' is executed & laser gun is currently held item then...

    Also I've noticed that you have certain buttons set as commands that should not be set as commands. If a button is not supposed to be a command, nor an item placeholder or item scroll button, then the button should be set as an action area.


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  • #21, by AlexFriday, 10. October 2014, 15:45 6 years ago
    as AFRLme mentioned you should set all your buttons which are not command buttons (probably everything except 'Arrow' ?) to action area (unless they are placeholders, scroll buttons).

    and you should set the standard command for the arrow in the interface properties (it's set in the screenshot but not in the 0009 ved I got).

    I assume one random button will be your active command (since you have so many command buttons) and this button does not have the option set to allow dragging of items.

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  • #22, by andy-rinaldiFriday, 10. October 2014, 16:01 6 years ago
    AHHHHHH, Yuo're right!!!!!!! I had a lot of buttons with command button setting in button type!
    I have changed them to action area (except the Arrow) and now is working!

    Many many thanks to Alex and Lee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grin

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