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  • #1, by wimfFriday, 27. April 2018, 13:54 6 years ago

    I have almost finished my project, but I miss one thing so that everything is ok.

    If my character is in a large room with echo, I've created a condition that analyzes which room he is in, and if there is an echo, when he examines an item in the inventory , he reads the voice file with echo

    Code :
     If value 'echo'= 1
    Ben: Wow, a rabbit ! (sound file with echo)
    Ben: Wow, a rabbit !  (sound file without echo)
     End if

    It works very well !

    but in the "command set" section of the character, i have 39 random answer and I do not know how to create a condition for him to play these dialogues with or without echo.

    Can you help me ?

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  • #2, by sebastianFriday, 27. April 2018, 14:24 6 years ago
    you would need to change the characters comment set to a second "echo" specific version of comments.

    In general you also could use the new audio system to put an echo effect on the normal sounds, instead. 

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  • #3, by wimfFriday, 27. April 2018, 14:34 6 years ago
    Thank you sebastian, i did not think about using the effects.

    it's working.

    Have a nice day

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