[Solved] How to change vertical walking speed?

  • #1, by DagThursday, 06. November 2014, 02:11 10 years ago
    Hello there, dear Visionaire community! I'm a passionate adventure game enthusiast and have been playing adventure games since the early eighties. I've been working a little bit with AGS, but a friend insisted Visionaire was the better option, so here I am. I'm having quite a fun time learning the ropes, I have just gotten the point where I have a starting screen, a cursor and a character with walking animations for all directions, but I've just encountered a bothersome problem. Horizontally, the walking speed is fine, but when the character walks vertically, he moves way too fast. He doesn't even complete 1 loop of the walk cycle animation before he's reached the other side of the room in an ice skating fashion, which is quite sad after having spent several days creating the animations. Just to clarify, I'm talking about the time it takes the character to move from A to B, not the time between animation frames. It seems there's only an option to change walking speed for an entire outfit, but I just walk to slow down the character movement speed when walking vertically. Are there any ways to set this up? Or can I have the character change into an outfit with a slower movement speed when triggering the up/down walk animations? If this is possible, how is it done? Thanks in advance.


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  • #2, by afrlmeThursday, 06. November 2014, 02:44 10 years ago
    If you setup your walk animation correctly then it should automatically walk slower/faster based on the characters scale.

    Before the current walk system I would have used the characters scale to control the walk speed manually.

    I don't know what type of walk system you want to use. We have 2 options: slide (default mode) which slides the character animation from current frame position to next frame offset position. & non-slide (position updated on new frame) which is best option to use when you want to create a more natural looking walk cycle.

    To adjust the frame offset for each frame you need to:

    a. go to characters > outfit properties: set walk speed (untick sliding walk animation if you want more natural looking walk cycle. Next go to characters > outfits & select a walk animation. Now click on the footstep icon.

    b. Now you have 2 choices: you can either click on the red x icon (far right) to reset all walk animation frames distance based on character speed you set in characters > outfit properties, or you can click each frame & use the input box near red x icon to manually adjust offset between each frame. The second method is required for non-slide walk cycles as you need to correctly align each animation frame.


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  • #3, by DagThursday, 06. November 2014, 04:23 10 years ago
    Thank you very much for your quick response!

    It turns out i had an older version of Visionaire (v3,7 - I think), there was no foot step icon anywhere, but then I updated the Visionaire and suddenly it was there! Silly me.. :S

    Being able to manually adjust offset between each frame solved the problem and all the walk cycles looks way better now. Thanks a lot, AFRLme! grin


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